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  1. William & Mary Prie Dieu

    William & Mary Prie Dieu for the Director of the Julian of Norwich Center, Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta. Built of gummy cherry, mahogany, and alder. Finished with boiled linseed oil, lots of sun, shellac, and beeswax. Polished with rotten stone, linen, and turpentine. 100% unplugged, 225+ hours...
  2. New Wave Gothic Memorial Credence (Communion) Table

    Religious and fraternal furniture always takes on a special meaning; these pieces accept the persona of ceremony and participate in religious occasions from regular services to weddings, to funerals to holidays. Religious piece lasts for generations, not just a few functional years in a home, so...
  3. Church Steeple

    I really do not know if there is a story behind this steeple. I did one church project for a friend and then it steamed rolled from there. This was my third steeple, so I got a little fancy with it.
  4. Prayer kneeler a gift for my Mother in Law

    I have been asked in the past to build one of these prie dieu, or kneeler to me. Some reason it has never gotten in the rotation of projects. This year I decided to build it for my mother in laws birthday. Every Sunday I would measure rather by shoe method, or hand measure lengths and heights...
  5. Pulpit - November 2012

    Pulpit I built for my church. Delivered at 6:00 AM the morning of the dedication service for the newly built sanctuary. Oak and oak ply with three coats of Homer Formby high gloss tung oil.
  6. Circular Church Pulpit

    Our church pastor asked me if I could build him an open pulpit because he wants to be seen instead of hidden by the traditional boxy pulpit. After some research I came across this one design that he and the trustees like. The arcs of the circular top and bottom are not concentric which makes...
  7. Church Conference Room Tables

    I am grateful to "Sawdustonmyshoulders" Marty Sparks for the inspiration to create this version of church conference tables. The material used was white oak. Some were quartersawn, some are riftsawn. After filling the grain, wipe on 50/50 poly/MS was used for the finished with a satin sheen...
  8. Bill Rack, or "Budget Balancer"

    This is my entry into the "scrap it out" contest. It's a rack to hold bills or other mail with 5 stepped slots so I can see the due dates, which I have a habit of writing on the outside of the envelope so I won't forget (hence the "balanced budget"). It's a block of hickory made from a 3×3/4"...
  9. Pulpit

    This pulpit was a result of some past work. This pastor saw a steeple I made which looked like the Ark of the Covenant from the Old Testement. He asked me to design and build a pulpit for his new church.
  10. sacrament table for a church

    One of the most rewarding jobs was to build the pulpit, chairs, and table for this church. I also build their bathroom and kitchen cabinets and steeple. Our work is rewarded by more work.
  11. Woodworking Skill Share
    This table was requested for the entrance of our fellowship hall. It is made of walnut with a cross inlay. The legs are tapered for a slimmer design.
1-13 of 13 Results