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  1. coloring books patterns

    I have heard several tomes that anyone can get patterns from coloring books, so My adventure started. I went looking in my home, my Daughters home in the stores, in both my son's homes, and I have come out with a few patterns that is making young parents, wanting me to hurry and finish alot of...
  2. Just another candle holder

    I had a request for a candle holder with no oil, finish or stain. It is also the first time I used my jaw chuck on my lathe. Anyone know what kind of wood this is? I forgot to check :/ I love the grain though.
  3. Smithsonian TV Stand | Custom

    This is the last of the three projects for this customer. It is a simple TV stand with doors. I matched the raised panel doors and base "molding" to the rest of the pieces. For more building pictures see my Current Projects link at or
  4. CNC to M&M

    I have access to a CNC so I have been learning/playing. Saw this candy dispenser and just had to try one. Cut the parts out of an MDF sheet. When clamped I noticed the gear did not spin freely as it is the same thickness as the spacer behind it. A couple of paper shims above/below the spacer...
  5. Birdhouse Jewelry Box or Trinket Box

    Birdhouse Jewelry Box or Trinket Box. Hand made box and hand carved birdhouse. Box is made with walnut sides and cherry lid and bottom. The birdhouse is basswood. The inside of the box is lined with felt. It measures 6 1/4" long, 4 5/8" wide, and 1 3/8" deep. Can also be seen at...
  6. My Easter Gift To Everyone

    A while ago I promised I'd give everybody an Easter Present so here you go everyone, Happy Easter. That one big black one is for Dick Cain, Happy Easter Dick. This took me about 2 weeks to complete all these eggs. Most are naturally colored with some poly wipe on them. I got a bunch of exotic...
  7. Ultimate Drill Press Chuck Keys

    I've found a simple yet very effective way to give "muscle" to my drill presses chuck keys. No more sore nuckles! No more loose drill bits! Simply drill an appropriate diameter hole in a dowel (or a broom stick as I did) and drive in the chuck key. If loose, add epoxy. On mine, I didn't need...
  8. Simple Bookshelf

    Not my first project, just the first I've uploaded. The art teacher wanted a shelf to fit in a little spot in her classroom, and was going to buy cheap plastic shelving, but I wasn't about to allow that. No mechanical fasteners , just a few finish nails in the finish frame uprights. Dadoed...
  9. Barnwood Vanities X3

    well, up for show are a set of barnwood vanities [email protected]"(double sink) &[email protected] 54(single)mixed oak quite a bit quartersawn (very nice flake)red &white the tops were pretty strown with big ol nail holes and being a surface for H2O i decided to lay the epoxy to them so duck taping the bottom i filled the...
  10. 1968 El Camino

    Heres another one for you all. Hope you all like it. Jim
  11. Crib for Silas

    When my youngest daughter found out she was expecting she asked me to build the crib from Wood magazine. After browsing thru the "Jocks pics. I told her I could do better than that. I found this beauty made by ND2ELK on the site with a fantastic blog that gets you through most of it. She fell in...
  12. Brace refurbish

    There's a long-term project I've been working on for a while now - workbench But some minor stuff goes on too, and I used time of this short project to rethink some details of my workbench build. First things first: I already have two braces. First is the "classic" one: two-jaw chuck...
  13. Looking back at you

    Something I wanted to try to see if they would sell. Beetle kill pine. 56 inches tall and 18 inches wide. Thanks for looking
  14. Mesquite Hall table

    This table is a bit of a departure from my normal use of a mesquite slab. So I've named it "Stretching my legs!" Besides the slab, the legs are also mesquite and it is finished in tung oil. And yes once again mesquiteman slabbed the lumber for me!
  15. Bucket ball

    This is a bucket ball net. I made it out of lumber that I had laying around in the yard. The main post is a 4×4 post from a fence that I removed from the front patio of my house when we moved in. The frame to hold the bucket in place was made from some 2×2s that used to be part of the railing...
  16. Cedar Gate Handle

    Recently built a new cedar gate & needed handles. Got some inspiration from CaptainAhab's handles. A litte laminating, planing, dado-ing, bandsawing, drilling, and sanding, and this is what I ended up with. I did a quick blog here Thanks for looking!
  17. Custom Walking Cane: African Blackwood, Egyptian Lapis Lazuli Ball, Inlaid Brass Rings

    --------------------------------- This cane has been "SOLD" and resides in Phoenix, Arizona USA To see other walking canes that are for sale, click here - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Just the Facts: Wood: African Blackwood...
  18. Pantry Drawers

    These are the kind of projects that aren't glamorous, but do get you brownie points with your significant other. We had a closet pantry with shelves that made it impossible to find things towards the back. You know, like that can of condensed milk that has made 3 moves with you and outdated 6...
  19. Poplar Shelves

    A friend recently came to me asking if I could make some Kitchen shelves for her. Her place is a small NYC apartment, there was very little room to work with, which provided for a couple challenges, restricting me in width, depth, and also her requests for it's functionality. (Note the pictures...
  20. Stepstool

    This is a step stool I made in my high school shop class, I made this in the fall semester, it is made of hickory. Just a half circle design on the legs. I just rounded of the edges. Used three biscuits for the top. I used pocket hole joints for assembly of my top, legs, and sides. I used...
1-20 of 127 Results