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  1. Sled

    Here is a Project that I just finished up this evening, I have been Recording the Whole process for them who are interested in watching the Video. Unfortunately at this present time, my Video camera Base is missing, so any Actual Video I record with it, I can't pull off the Camera to edit the...
  2. Rustic Christmas Tree

    A friend of my wife's liked a picture of one like this and so my wife saw it on her FB news feed and liked it a lot. The people were selling them for $49. I was able to duplicate it using free pallet wood and screws I already had, so total cost to us was $0. My wife painted the lettering…we...
  3. 3d Scroll saw ornament

    One of my favorite ornaments that I designed and made this year. Made from poplar 2×2 turning stock.
  4. Tablesaw Snowflakes

    Hey LJ! I came across this method of making these cool little wooden snowflakes a while back, this year I decided I would make some for Christmas. These ones are made for ash and cherry If you want to see more about how they are made watch the video bellow and visit my website where I have...
  5. 4 Holiday Gifts Ideas You can Make

    With all of us spending more time at home this year, I find myself spending time in the kitchen and cooking more than ever before. That why I decided to dedicate this year's DIY-holiday-gifts-you-can-make-out-of-wood edition to gifts for the kitchen. I made everything out of scraps of Ash wood...
  6. Christmas Tree Stand / Juletræsfod

    Have fun making your own Christmas Tree Stand. Merry Christmas. God fornøjelse med at lave din egen juletræsfod. Glædelig jul.
  7. Mini Wooden Christmas Tree

    Made a little table center piece, a Mini Christmas tree. It's made out of Cedar, stained Barn Red. I have also uploaded the video of me making this on Youtube, click here to watch I have a Free PDF file to download, from my Youtube Channel in the description Thanks for checking out my Mini...
  8. 2020 Christmas Ornament

    My family has a tradition where every year we each get an ornament to commemorate something important that happened to us throughout the year. An example: the year I got my driver's license the ornament for me was a car. This year I used my CNC to make a collective ornament for everyone in the...
  9. Nativity Scene Christmas Ornaments

    A few nativity scene ornaments I made on my CNC this year to give out as gifts. They're made from red oak with a light shellac finish.
  10. Christmas Tree Base-Cover

    This was a simple project I completed over the Christmas Holiday. We bought a new Christmas tree this year, but my wife didn't like the wire-frame base that it came with. I decided to build a 4-sided box (open on the top and bottom, and one side hinged), that would cover the base and give it a...
  11. Drag Racing Christmas Tree

    For Christmas this year, I made me a new Christmas tree. Since I was young I loved Drag Racing, so it is only fitting that I make a Drag Racing Christmas tree for my house. This is a simple project, made from one 2" x 4" 96" long and one 1×10 20" long. And a few other parts. If you want to see...
  12. Snowman & Christmas Tree

    My first shot at turning Christmas decorations. I used tupelo which is a little rough, but they sanded down nicely. The tree is "painted" with acrylic markers.
  13. Christmas tree out of olive wood (my first woodturning project)

    The first project on a lathe ever! I made a little Christmas tree out of olive wood. The making of:
  14. Display Stand

    I normally carve, usually my own designs, or unusual (interesting) "other" designs (modified) that inspire me. However, my Pastor requested that I come up with a way of creating a Christmas tree "display" for Poinsettias that could could be used for a Christmas sermon. He left it up to me, but...
  15. Funky Christmas tree..ringmaster made!!!!

    ⁉️❗️I made this 10 years ago and thought why not try another…it's made of African paduak and black limba sap wood..,.each ring is cut at 35 degrees with a 3/8 overhang…the base. Is 3 rings..a 35 degree a 90 and another 35 degree…a fun project''!,,,,,
  16. Christmas tree drum base

    I made this for my daughter using Lowes excellent instructions Finally made something to post!
  17. What to do with bubble lights.........

    I love bubble lights. they take me back to when my folks used to string them up along a counter in our home. My own kids find them fascinating. The problem we've run into is what to do with them. They don't really bubble if they're upside down, and the kids love to play with them, but they're...
  18. Twisted Christmas Tree

    Santa joined me in the shop and we made a wooden Twisted Christmas Tree! It's made from unfinished cedar so it even smells like a Christmas tree. It's not glued together, so it comes apart into 104 pieces for packing or can be used as a puzzle. Below is a Parts List with basic instructions if...
1-20 of 32 Results