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  1. christmas ornament

    first go at a christmas ornament. 3inchs round by 6 inchs long.hope you like it with the snowy back drop.
  2. Christmas Ornaments

    I got to spend a little time during the holidays making some Christmas ornaments. It is my first shot at turning them and I found it to be a lot of fun. They went over very well as Christmas gifts. Most of the wood was scraps from around the shop. One is Spalted Silver Maple and Ebony. The...
  3. Weihnachtsfest Projekt mit Laura

    My wonderful sweet daughter Laura was home for a visit for a few days this week. This is always a good time for me. She has the rich heritage of a family that likes to make things as gifts for special people. While she has not had the exposure to actually doing much woodworking. She does know...
  4. Christmas Ornaments

    These are 2 Christmas ornaments I just finished up yesterday. The globes are Birch and the the finals are Rosewood and Cherry. Both ornaments were sanded to 600. The first one was finished with home made turners polish, the second one was finished with BLO/CA and topped off with the turners...
  5. Chip Carved 2017 Christmas Ornament - video

    In this video I'll show you how to carve these 2017 Christmas ornaments and avoid chip out in the center. I hope you learn a lot and enjoy this video. More videos and patterns at CLICK HERE to watch
  6. Christmas Ornaments from my scrap bin

    Had a few nice looking pieces laying in my scrap bin. Thought I would try turning some Christmas decoration. The first two are spalted Holly, from trees I cut a couple years ago. The third is a piece of Tulipwood, left over from another project.
  7. Turned Christmas Ornaments

    Here are some Christmas ornaments I made on the lathe. These are based off of ornament kits available from woodworking stores. I used two different styles of the kits on the ornaments. The kits use a pen turning mandrel and have a brass tube that goes in the center of the piece similar to with...
  8. Christmas Ornaments 2018

    Again for Christmas the Wood Buddies decided to create ornaments for all family members. This year it is Candy Cane ornaments We used 1/8" x 4" x 12" prefinished single ply Alder from Then we used a Candy Cane graphic from their old holiday CD. Family members' first names...
  9. Reindeer Herd

    I am finally done, 43 individual reindeer! What started out as a way of training me on the used of my band-saw escalated into a herd production. Now my grown children and our grandchildren have a set of Reindeer including the infamous Rudolph the Red Nose reindeer. The cedar wood I used was...
  10. Wood Nativity Scene

    This wood nativity scene can be displayed on you favorite table , desk or shelf. It's made from red oak and measures 5 ¼" W x 6 ½"H x3/4" thick. This nativity scene will be sanded smooth and finished with two coats of golden oak Danish Oil.
  11. Laser Engraved Wooden Ornaments

    I made a set of laser engraved wooden ornaments this year on my K40 laser. I believe these are Box Elder cookies that I sliced up from a piece of firewood a few years ago. They've been air drying in my garage for a year or 2. These are about 2.5-3" diameter cookies. I did a quick sanding on...
  12. Segmented Christmas Ornament

    I made a run of about 30 bulbs this year, This was probably the fanciest. The segmented ring is yellowheart and that is surrounded by Cherry to form the bulb. The finials are Walnut and the Celtic knot is Maple. Finished with Lacquer, and buffed up a little better than what this picture shows. I...
  13. Broken Printer

    I am having bad luck with technology these days. A week ago my laptop died, but my mother-in-law was nice enough to loan me her old desktop so I have something to play with. Then today my printer died. Now this may not seem to be an obvious link to Christmas ornaments, it is actually quite...
  14. Rose Ornaments

    My carving club exchanged carved ornaments at our Christmas Party. The Rose was mine for the party. The Mississippi Magnolia was for my grand babies. They recently moved to Texas and I wanted them to remember their Mississippi roots.
  15. Heart Ornament

    This is my daughters first scroll saw project. It is a Purpleheart and Yellowheart Christmas ornament that she made for her mother. It has a couple coats of garnet shellac and I bent a brass brad and CA glued it to the top to slip a hook through.
  16. Fairy Christmas ornament

    I forgot to show you all my first real scroll saw project. This is just a little fairy I made out of canary wood for our Christmas tree. She is about 5" high and finished with tung oil. Simple really , well thanks for looking. Merry Christmas Lumber Jocks!
  17. Purple heart Celtic Knot

    Here is another Christmas ornament, I carved this one with my carving tools & small chisels. It is made of purple heart & is a whopping 1 1/4" round. This does'nt even compair to the other projects on LJ but I thought I would share anyway Maybe this will give one of you an idea for use in...
  18. Christmas Ornaments

    Here is a sampple of what I've started giving away for Christmas presents the last few of years. The balls are hollow and they weigh very little. I just use scraps to make them. Glue up a few bits, turn them, hollow them out with hand made tools and use discarded pen blanks for the pointy parts...
  19. Segmented Christmas Ornament - walnut and cherry wood

    Christmas Ornament made out from walnut and cherry wood. Hollow inside it is approx 3 inch in diameter. It turned out very nicely, wood combination works out pretty well as both woods match in a way as they have a good finish… Enjoy
  20. Christmas Ornament

    Since I have a new hollowing tool EWT Hollower #3 Full size. I took a piece of crab apple tree and did the bulb…. need to work on sphere shapes. Top is rosewood scrap to fill in the hole that I used to hollow out the crab apple wood. bottom is tulip wood.. and used to be two 5 droplets long…...
1-20 of 38 Results