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  1. Dovetailed and Straightailed Cutting Boards

    Centers are sycamore, aside from the striped board which is cherry and walnut.
  2. Walnut End Grain Block

    Probably our finest product? You decide!,-accessories-and-serving-dishes./Chopping-Boards/End-Grain-Blocks/80mm-Black-Walnut-Butchers-Block A...
  3. Nether Edge Farmers Market Summer 2011

    Just an update on how the stall looked this weekend. . . . in situ! Was a great day for sales and a few ostrich burgers to boot! Thanks to all for their fab feedback on the stall & products :) More images on my Facebook page here: and remember to LIKE the...
  4. Huge Oak End Grain Chopping Board/Worktop Saver

    Upcycled Solid End Grain Oak (L)770mm x (W)320mm) x (H)65mm Another end grain board…......but this ons massive! Designed to stay put on granite surfaces and allows ample room to prepare any food items. Born from a problem a friend of mine had with not wanting to damage his beautiful granite...
  5. Another Mixed Hardwood End Grain Board

    Hot off the press today with another 3 near complete (pics to follow). Really pleased with this one as the end grain showed some gorgeous colouring and detail. Oak, Ash, Padauk, Sapele, Maple and Beech. Rounded finger holds added using a 1/4" bull nosed router bit. Dimensions - 450mm x 320mm x...
  6. Traditional Oilstone Holder

    I decided to make a traditional holder for my Norton medium India stone (8"x2"x1") after watching Bill Carter talking about oilstones on YouTube. After searching the internet for other examples, I merged all the elements that I liked into my design. It features a pitched roof, opposing chamfers...
  7. Vegetable prep board

    I made this cutting board from some scraps of hard maple. I hardly ever make stuff for myself, but I was getting sick of cutting veges on a regular plastic cutting board and then having a hard time transferring the chopped stuff to a pan. So I made this for myself, it has a recess for a plate...
  8. Cutting boards again :)

    Just completed another batch of cutting boards. - first end grain 17×13x2 maple with walnut with matching design smaller 8×13x5/8 - face grain Zebrawood
  9. Plutonium Powered Hovering Cutting Board

    The biscuits are soaked in thermal magnatite, and the splines are plutonium. When inserted in the board, it hovers just like the skateboard in Back to the Future. I must have put too many magnatite biscuits on one side though, because it hovers lopsided.
  10. Cutting Board Wedding Gift

    I made this cutting board as part of a wedding gift for my brother and his wife. The center is end-grain maple, and the border is Walnut. It's finished with beeswax and mineral oil.
  11. Black Walnut Chopping Block

    I made this chopping block for my sister's wedding. I had some 2'' thick black walnut laying around. This block is designed so to fit a typical pyrex bowl. i routered the cutout so that the bowl sits under the board. This allows her to removed the food from the chopping block and get it into the...
  12. Long grain chopping boards

    Here is a few long grain chopping boards I have made and basically this is how my woodworking adventure has started this year… I was amazed by the 3d effect chopping board that I've seen online and decided that I want to do it one day. Started off easy with a long grain ones - I know nothing...
  13. First reclaimed flooring end grain chopping board

    Not so long ago I decided to try and make my first end grain chopping board and just never got to post it… what an adventure that was… Main lesson I learned was: Thicknessers dont like to plain end grain boards and will rip them in pieces… Luckilly I didn't get hurt nor anyone or anything...
  14. First wood turned bowl- Walnut

    This is my first wood turned bowl, and i am very happy with it. I turned it green, and then i final turned it about 4 months after. The finish is mineral oil with paste finishing wax. More info here
  15. Cutting boards

    I know there have been a lot of cuttingboards posted, but I enjoy seeing the different patterns and styles posted, and variations of earlier boards. I made a few for next Christmas gifts for family. I had been working on kitchen cabinets, but had to stop temporarily because children moved back...
  16. Chopping Block

    This is a chopping block that I made for my mother for her birthday. This chopping block is made out of 2" thick black walnut and maple. Has about 15 coats of oil on it because it was such a thick piece of wood.
  17. Oak chopping block

    This is a chopping block I made a few days ago using some 6" wide x 9' long x 1" thick oak planks from my in-laws land up in Michigan. The boards had been stacked outside for a couple years and they were a little dirty and weathered to begin with, so I started by planing the boards, then I...
  18. Curly Maple Bandsaw Box

    4th box of this type . . Curly Maple top and Sugar Maple base. This time I tried a little router based inlay. I kept the picture slightly out of focus for a reason :)
  19. Wooden Chopping Board

    Here is a Wooden Chopping Board I made. I cut the piece up using my band saw, then I planned them to the required thickness. After glueing them together I sanded the pieces flat using a belt sander. I used by router to round over the edges before sanding them to 220 grit. I then applied a food...
1-20 of 37 Results