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  1. End Grain Cutting Board (Woodwhisperer Style)

    You know them, you love them… One more Wood Whisperer cutting board. This is going to a friend of mine who is a great cook and took up cooking for my family since my wife went on bed-rest due to pregnancy complications. While picking up a dinner one night, I saw that she was using a old piece of...
  2. Chopping Block

    Again … someone said "Hey! You can sell a buttload of …." and there I go, off and running. This time it wasn't a total loss. So far I've sold 4 @ an average of about $75 each. Got four more and wanting to make some different designs. First one is Walnut, Maple, Brazilian Cherry and Purple Heart
  3. Cherry Butcher Block strapped in Stainless

    I built this piece as the centerpiece for a Cherry kitchen I am currently working on. It is supposed to look like an antique solid butcher block with a modern twist. It is not solid, the 3" end-grain top actually lifts off for easy cleaning in the sink. All the strapping is stainless steel...
  4. The most attractive chopping block you'll ever see

    I built this one piece by piece. I then cut, routed, added 24 oz subwoofer magnets, and re-glued both ends. I also chopped a slice off the top for my clock. This thing has All the woods in it.
  5. chopping block island

    My Wife has wanted a chopping block island for years. Our kitchen in Seattle just didn't have the room for one, but the kitchen in France was PLENTY big enough. I looked into taking some 5/4 maple and gluing it up for her, but without a table saw and a power planer (except for a Lathe - I have...
  6. Crazily figured maple cutting board.

    I was poking around at the lumber yard a few weeks ago, and I found this weirdly figured board of maple. it wasn't terribly substantial, but I figured there was enough to chop up and make a ridiculous lookin' cutting board… so, that's what I did. I wanted to be more creative with the design...
  7. Walnut Butcher Block

    Edge grain Dark Walnut Butcher Block Island Top with detailed edges and and curved sides.
  8. Continuity cutting board

    Another idea I had for an end grain board completed. Made from maple and cherry with mineral oil/beeswax finish. Finished size 11.5"x16"x1.5"
  9. Cutting Boards for Mothers Day.

    These are some new cutting boards that I have made in prep for mothers day at the point loma farmers market. Just wanted to share the new ones and see what everyone thinks. Let me know. You can find more pics at my website which has all my recent works posted. Hope you like them, I tried a...
  10. Board for the weekend

    Made a board over the weekend. first time Ive taken different slabs and mixed them together. Makes for a nice random yet pattern look. This block is also probably one of the thickest boards that I have made 19 1/4×13 1/2×2 3/4 its made from maple cherry mahogany and black walnut. Im gonna start...
  11. End Grain Butcher's Chopping Block

    I wanted to make a free standing chopping block from Bubinga offcuts I had, that otherwise would have probably found their way into my wood stove. The top is end grain bubinga and the stand is European Spruce, stained white to fit the kitchen cabinets. The back legs are fitted with wheels and...
  12. Walnut endgrain chopping block

    Sometimes crazy ideas come out OK. A customer wanted a working chopping block on his granite counter top but did not want just a standard chopping block. This is the idea he and the interior decorator came up with and it works. It is made of solid black walnut. The part of the walnut that is...
  13. Chopping boards by Rare Earth Hardwoods

    Here are a few custom made chopping blocks made by our craftsmen here at Rare Earth Hardwoods. If you're looking for any unique, exotic or rare woods, give us a call 800-968-0074 or visit
  14. In the End Grain Zone

    Made a couple boards this week. One is made out of black walnut and was really simple to make. I think the size of the black walnut one is perfect for a couple of filets. The other board is made out of hickory I really payed attention to the grain detail on this one hope you endjoy. I also got...
  15. End Grain Chopping Block

    For this Chopping Block I used Canary wood and Wenge. It is a great combination. It is quite heavy and has a wonderful grain pattern. for this I used a more robust cut-out for lift.
  16. Plutonium Powered Hovering Cutting Board

    The biscuits are soaked in thermal magnatite, and the splines are plutonium. When inserted in the board, it hovers just like the skateboard in Back to the Future. I must have put too many magnatite biscuits on one side though, because it hovers lopsided.
  17. End Grain, Checkerboard Chopping Block

    I was commissioned to build this 3'x3'x4" chopping block. It's made of walnut and maple in a checkerboard end grain style with a solid walnut border. I used the same basic procedure I have used a hundred times in making smaller end grain cutting boards only because of the size I had to split it...
  18. Endgrain cutting board

    Been sitting on this idea for a while. Finally had time to see it through. This may have been my most difficult board yet. Lots of room for errors in angle cuts. Finished size 9.25"x15.5"x1.5" padauk, maple, cherry and walnut.
  19. Cutting Board for Sailboat

    My wife and I enjoy sailing our boat on the Chesapeake Bay. The onboard galley is always a little "cramped." We really needed some additional counter space. I made a mock-up in foamboard of this cutting board that is designed to cover one side of the two basin sink. I then made a sample from...
  20. Chopping Block - My first

    Many people on LumberJocks have designed and created their cutting boards. And I've often thought about making one. But, I just came into close proximity of my first cutting board. This was made over 40 years ago. Back in the day when we didn't care if we had sharp knives hanging off the side...
1-20 of 49 Results