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  1. Chisel Handles

    I turned these Chisel Handles to create a uniform look and to replace my old plastic and broken wood handled Chisels. Most of these belonged to my Dad. I cleaned up the steel, sharpened and I use them almost daily. The handles are made from Ash from the wood burning pile :)
  2. Amish Baby Thor's Mallet

    Wanting a smaller, lighter, mallet for small chisels I asked myself, "what would Baby Thor have if he were Amish?" So I made this, the handle is walnut, the head is oak. I love it!
  3. Chisel Box

    This is a chisel box I made to house some of my Robert Sorby chisels. Red Oak & Bubinga with half blind dovetails done on the Porter Cable 4212. This was my first attempt at dovetails so I thought I might as well do something useful. The others are my set of Bridge City chisels and some other...
  4. Different use for discarded silverware cases

    I just had tons of fun rebuilding this old silverware box that I bought at Goodwill for $3.99 plus tax. The outside of the box is finished with a dark red mahogany oil. I gutted the inside and put in a false bottom to hold the chisels. My dividers and calipers live under the chisels. I simply...
  5. The beginnings of my woodworkings..

    These are some pictures of 3 different projects that i did on my free time, not really knowing if i could do it or not, you know, the way a pro would.. So i started with drawings, i could at least do that. I blended curves and added leaves as i went. Most people wouldn't believe me if i told...
  6. Spatula Alla Sellers

    Hey wood folks, hope you may have checked my new blog review on the Working Wood series Book and DVD's, if so here is a glimpse of just one of many new things I enjoyed learning how to create. I like to call it…SPATULA ALLA SELLERS….LOL… interpitation of the begining coursework. This is a...
  7. Epic Wooden PC Case - WoodWorkLIFE

    Hey Guys, This was a very special project combining two of my biggest passions, woodworking and technology. I made PC case or a modded PC case whatever you want to call it, completely out of wood. For this project I used two contrasting woods that work wonderfully together, Sycamore and...
  8. Few More Bowls

    Here are a couple more Birch Bowls. The first one was a burl and I really like how it turned out. The second one checked more than I would have liked but a little epoxy fixed that issue.
  9. Simple and Easy Chisel Rack

    I needed a new home for my set of Narex chisels and I figured that since a lot of people here have the same chisels, I'd post my version of a simple and easy chisel rack. There are a number of other good examples of storage solutions for chisels on this site, so if you're going to build a chisel...
  10. Natural Selection "Updated"

    I started this two years ago, it was a freshly cut silver maple tree. Still green and freshly cut i carved it up anyways. It started to check and crack substantially. So I let it dry out naturally, i continued to carve other carvings. What I learned from all my other carvings, i was able to...
  11. Orchid #1 Miter and Splined Shaped Box

    This is a mitered and splined box of poplar, cedar and mesquite. It is number 17 in my 2019 Box Build. This one is a bit of a hodge podge of a box. I originally did the intarsia orchid for box number 16, my Soft Dovetail Box, but I didn't plan it out well and the orchid was orginally...
  12. Carving Chisel Restorations

    There just isn't anything better than a bucket full of old chisels! I recently was able to acquire a large assortment of vintage-ish carving chisels. These were certainly not, and never would be museum pieces or particularly collectible. The entire collection had obviously spent a great deal of...
  13. Two "new" E. A. Berg chisels

    I've read about these and know they have a very good reputation. Not having the cash or desire to pay blue spruce or veritas prices I couldn't resist these that were shipped to me for $27! I turned Ipe handles and added screw on copper plumbing fittings as ferrules (filed down on the lathe). The...
  14. Chisel Rack

    Here's a little chisel rack with room for expansion that I whipped together in the shop out of cut-offs. The pictures kind of tell the tale, but if you want the details, they can be found on my Wordpress blog (with more pictures). Shop made chisel rack. Thanks for looking!
  15. Drill Press Sharpening Jigs and Techniques

    Here's a jig I made to sharpen chisels and gouges at the drill press using readily available material. More photos and all details on this page of my blog. Best, Serge
  16. My Friend Hethe has turned his first Walnut Goblet

    Hethe has some Walnut on his property that we cut about 6 months ago and slabbed for some bowl and spindel blanks. Here he is turning his first goblet from that wood
  17. Wine Racks

    Just organizing my photos. Some new, some old.
  18. Chisel Rack

    I've pontificated for far too long about building tool racks for my workshop, so I finally bought some pine, MDF and oak to build a few. This chisel rack is the first of these and a plane rack (which will be located to the left of the chisel rack) will follow shortly. I like using words like...
  19. Collapsable Sleigh (Christmas Decoration)

    I made this about four years ago for a client who wanted a copy of her sleigh to give as a donation to a charity auction. It is made with 1/2" plywood from the home center. You can get four sleighs out of one sheet of plywood. I made templates, so machining the curves was fast and easy with a...
  20. Laughing Kookaburra

    The Kookaburra is Australia's largest kingfisher, it has a laughing call and in our area predicts a weather change in 6-10 days time. We actually noted when the birds were calling for 6 months. They were correct every time ! This piece has all been carved from one block of Meranti timber. It...
1-20 of 210 Results