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  1. Lathe Bench & Chisel Rack

    I picked up a used lathe from craigslist. I needed a bench and my dad was coming to visit for a few days, so I left it for him to do as a project while I was working during the day. It is made from 2×6 pine and 1/2" Plywood. The plans for the stand came from reading various books, at all the...
  2. Chisel Rack

    This chisel rack / stand was one of the very first woodworking projects i did, if not the first one. It was also the first time i used a router and Danish oil. The pictures are not so old though, i recently applied a coat of beeswax because it looked a bit dry. Originally it was finished with 3...
  3. Chisel Stand

    Hello everyone, I pray that you all are well. This is yet another chisel stand in the long list of chisel stands here on LJs. My version is extremely rough. The whole thing was made using the tools you see in the picture above. As with most things I make, it isn't pretty, but it does what I...
  4. Portable and Hanging Chisel Holder

    My requirements for the chisel holder were that it had to: 1) Protect my chisels from each other 2)protect me from my chisels 3) Hang on a wall 4) Stand solidly on the bench top 5) be small enough to fit in a tote 6) Allow easy access to removing and returning the chisels Most of the chisel...
  5. Chisel rack (Japanese chisels)

    Simple chisel rack with a little twist A home for my new Japanese chisels. The story: This morning I had a gift from my sister, she have been living for couple of years in Korea since her American husband was stationed there for the government, before they had to leave she asked me if I had...
  6. Marketplace Classifieds
    i would trade, or sale
  7. Marketplace Classifieds
    I have a 52" black unifence rail and would perfer something shorter, I thought I would see if anyone wanted to work out a trade before I cut it down. I also have an extra unifence head if anyone is interested. Thanks, Will
1-7 of 7 Results