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  1. Split Top Hybrid Roubo

    The Back Story About a year ago I got into the hand tool thing. For me it was more of a personal choice so I posted all my power tools on craigslist and sold everything! I didn't really have a grasp on the methods and techniques but with the help of sources like The Hand Tool School, online...
  2. Chisel Holder (Video)

    I build a chisel rack from Ipe - you can watch the build video in the link below on youtube
  3. Chisel Rack

    This chisel rack / stand was one of the very first woodworking projects i did, if not the first one. It was also the first time i used a router and Danish oil. The pictures are not so old though, i recently applied a coat of beeswax because it looked a bit dry. Originally it was finished with 3...
  4. French cleat chisel holder

    I wanted to make a chisel rack for my new to me Lee Valley chisels and came up with this French cleat, made out of walnut with sliding dovetail Birds Eye maple. Hopefully the next dovetails will be better and more presentable. Oops. A magnet holds them in place with Dominos for the handle. The...
  5. Portable and Hanging Chisel Holder

    My requirements for the chisel holder were that it had to: 1) Protect my chisels from each other 2)protect me from my chisels 3) Hang on a wall 4) Stand solidly on the bench top 5) be small enough to fit in a tote 6) Allow easy access to removing and returning the chisels Most of the chisel...
  6. Tree Branch Chisel Rack/Stand for Chopping Chisels

    I have two sets of Narex chisels, one sharpened at 35 degrees for chopping. The chopping set needed a home and this tree branch stand was born, out of one of the branch blocks saved for woodturning years ago. For rust protection, the slots were soaked with WD40, the cheapest and most effective...
  7. lathe tool holder

    once again another project for the christmas listing, as i made this took a part from robh's chisel holder and a o simple bar holder out of a magazine, made out of recycled pine pieces, any questions feel free to send a im. thanks for looking
  8. Cherry Chisel Rack

    After years of spending time in a box on the bench I finally got around to giving my Lie-Nielsens a proper home. The design is from a Popular Woodworking plan I believe. The rack can stand on it's own on the bench, or can hang on the wall with the cleat. As soon as I finish my work bench, I'll...
  9. French Cleat Tool Holders

    I have a decent amount of free wall space, and not much floor space. I decided to make use of this space with a french cleat system. I used 3/4" pine ply on all the tool holders, with a 3/4" poplar dowel for the pliers holder. The caliper and divider holders have proven to be the most useful...
  10. Blogs
    Going Green Things are finally coming together in my new place. I moved to my new house three weeks ago and had been working hard to get to the point where I can start on my workshop. Here's the result of last night's work. Fresh paint went on the walls after I removed the existing shelving...
  11. Blogs
    The Fiery Pits of Hell So I got a wild hair when I was cleaning up my table saw. But first a little background, I have been trying to clean up my shop and make it presentable for pictures and videos. I have been woodworking for 16+ years and I feel confident that I could teach. So I thought...
  12. Blogs
    Chisel Holder In this video I make a chisel holder out of Ipe. Enjoy
  13. Marketplace Classifieds
    I have a 52" black unifence rail and would perfer something shorter, I thought I would see if anyone wanted to work out a trade before I cut it down. I also have an extra unifence head if anyone is interested. Thanks, Will
1-13 of 13 Results