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  1. Game board for Christmas

    Christmas present for my brother in-law. Wanted to do a Chinese checker board and Decided to add a checker/chess board to the back to strengthen it. Both layered all finished are about 5/8". I cut the triangles on my miter saw. There were a few false starts as I dialed in the saws accuracy. The...
  2. chinese checkers for 2 players game board

    this is the 2 player chinese checkers board i made. i call it siamese checkers! on the top is the checkers board and the bottom has tic tac toe and last man standing solitaire. the 2 halves are held together by rare earth magnets and open via a wooden hinge i came up with. on the inside is...
  3. Chinese Checker Board

    I made a Chinese Checker Board that can hang on the wall while storing marbles in the board. It's made of Maple and Redheart. Check out the YouTube video if you want to see how I did it… I also provided a drill template for anyone that wants to make one themselves...
  4. Chinese Checker's Board

    This is a Chinese Checkers Board I built from a project plan in WOOD magazine. This game board is going to be donated to a silent auction to benefit school programs. The top is just 1/2" Birch ply - sealed with shellac. The triangles are first taped off - then spray painted. I put a few...
  5. Shssss!!! Christmas gifts!!! Don’t tell anyone!!!

    Shssss!!! Christmas gifts!!! Don't tell anyone!!! Here is another game board. The Chinese checker board is 15.5" x 7.5" x 1.25". Made from walnut and some kind of conifer wood. Enjoy! and Merry Christmas!
1-6 of 6 Results