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  1. Built in China Hutch / Buffet

    I made this red oak cabinet to replace the existing built in cabinet in my parent's house. It was finished just before Thanksgiving, hence the cornucopia decoration. I wish I had a picture of the original years ago before the yellow-tinted 70's bottle glass doors were removed (they were...
  2. China hutch

    Well finally finished my china hutch. I posted the buffet portion her . I definately learned a lot on this project, especially things not to do, 1) never assume the garage floor is flat and level, 2) never rout a dado with the router facing one direction and then turn it facing the opposite...
  3. Kitchen from American Chestnut (found some..), Walnut and Maple

    I met a fellow who had one of the few American Chestnut trees that survived the blight. Several years ago, a strong wind storm took down a big chunk of one of the main branches of the trunk. He had it sawn into boards, and stickered it in his barn. After we met, he parted with some of his...
  4. Utilizing Dead Space In Stair Case

    This lighted What-Not Shelf, China Hutch and Wardrobe were installed in the dead space above the stair case. What is nice about cabinets like these, is the cabinets only stick out into the room a 1 1/2" or less. Thus not taking any floor space from the room they are in.
  5. Walnut Mountain Hutch

    Walnut Mountain Hutch-Heres some pictures of a custom hutch just completed for a customer. They wanted something like a "fine rustic" look. Cabinet is Walnut with juniper twigs and deer antler handles. This piece went to a gorgeous home outside Jackson WY and fit in just great. See the Longhorn...
  6. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Hello All, Thank you for everyone's replies on my jointer vs. planer thread. I found the DeWalt DW735 at the local big box store for about $400.00 bucks. I also took a look at Craigslist and found a used Jet 1HP 6" closed stand jointer. The jointer is the model with the 46" table and from...
1-6 of 6 Results