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  1. Little Rocker...

    I saw this little rocker on YouTube and Ken shares the plans for FREE for his foldable little rocker. In the video He mentioned that a child's fingers could easily get pinched as the chair was being folded up so I decided to build it so it stayed opened by gluing and pinning all the moveable...
  2. Infant Rocker Chair

    Here's another little rocker chair I made for my wife's growing doll & teddy bear collection. Made in the usual red cedar and sealed with a single coat of Danish Oil to preserve and highlight the grain of this easy to work with wood.
  3. Rocking Airplane

    This is a child's rocking P-38 airplane, complete with moving propellers and 20mm cannons. I think I had more fun making this than any of my other projects. I was smiling from start to finish.
  4. Rocking Fire Engine

    This is a rocking fire engine I made for my wife's grandson's first birthday. Her son is a volunteer firefighter and her grandson loves fire engines. This rocker has a ladder on each side, a steering wheel that turns, and a bell that rings. The idea came to me in the middle of the night one...
  5. Childs Rocking Chair ( Red Cedar )

    I had a request for a childs rocking chair with vertical back slats so I did a lj search and pulled up a full size cedar rocker posted by jeffl that I have admired for months . I find his style of rocker and proportions just right for use with cedar. I tried to assimilate his style and...
  6. Hand Tools
    I found this marking gauge at a local flea market/antique store. I think the only reason it was still there was the price. I paid the $37.50 for it even though that seemed like a lot. I haven't researched the price of a good marking gauge, so maybe someone out there has an idea if I got a decent...
1-6 of 6 Results