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  1. Front-facing Child's Bookcase

    It's hard to believe my son is 7 years old since I built this bookshelf for him, but if there's one project that continues to get a lot of use it's this bookshelf… I made it out of one sheet of furniture-grade plywood and that cost me about $40 back then. I've seen pictures of similar...
  2. Child's Bookcase

    Hello all! Thanks for viewing. This is a child's bookcase that can hold books face out. This helps little children (like mine) identify books by their cover, rather than by their spines. The capacity of the case is a bit smaller than a normal-style bookcase, but I am okay with that. The...
  3. Wood & Lumber
    I have a few 12 foot or longer pieces of ruff cut black walnut that I want to transform into proper stock. The stock is roughly 3" x 5" or bigger and at least 12 feet long. it definitely needs to be squared and everything. I want to get some normal 1" stock out of it. What should be my first...
1-3 of 3 Results