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  1. Heirloom Cradle for 1st Grandchild

    I built this about 2 years ago for our first Grandchild. I wanted to build something that reflected the importance of this event in our lives and I have to say - it turned out very well. I searched long and hard for just the right plans and finally settled on the Heirloom Cradle featured in...
  2. Boat Bed with Drawers | Custom

    This is a version of the boat bed I build a lot. I normally put a trundle under the bed, but on this one the customer wanted drawers. The customer also added portholes to the bed. If you notice on the picture I also built a matching chest of drawers. Normally I build the case goods with a...
  3. K.I.T.T. Bed

    Growing up I remember watching the Knight Rider tv series with my dad. The past year, my family and I got a chance to watch the series again and when it came time for my 3 year old son to get a new bed (due to his new baby sister needing his old one) my wife asked why don't I make him a bed...
  4. Batmobile | Custom

    This is a modified version of my car bed to kind of give it that batman look to it. It was built in February 2012. Unlike my normal car bed, I make this one more three dimensional. I build up the finders and the back fine. This give it a more realistic look and not so flat looking. I also...
  5. my great nephew's cradle

    This cradle is made from one eastern red cedar with elm rockers and contains no metal fasteners
  6. my scond cradle - 1s great grandson

    All eastern red cedar, book matched ends and book matched sides - all from the same tree. There are no metal fasteners
  7. Brockman 4 Poster Bed | Custom

    This is a kid's bed that was completed in June 2011 and went to Council Bluffs, Iowa. The customer found a bed that they liked but needed a trundle and drawers under it. Since the bed itself wasn't set up for a trundle we started from scratch. The finish was a custom off white color which gave...
  8. Race Car Bed With Drawers | Custom

    This is a kids bed in a race car bed theme. Normally I build this to sit on the ground but for this one we put it on a 6 drawer pedestal. Most of the car is built using MDF while we use mostly Maple plywood on the drawer section. The finish is a red lacquer with final graphics applied over...
  9. Blogs
    Matt's Cradle Hello, my name is Jerry, I'm retired and live in the country with my wife. I 'very much' consider myself a beginner furniture maker. This is the third cradle I've made - this one is for a Great Grandson. There are no metal fasteners in this cradle. This cradle is made...
  10. Woodturning
    I just purchased a one way talon 4 jaw lathe chuck to put on my old craftsman lathe.. Any advice on how to remove this old live center? (Or whatever it's called) Edit Just hooked it all up did a couple of practice pieces. Everything is looking good
1-10 of 10 Results