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  1. Country-chic display rack

    4 chicken wire shelves Chalk board sign "Weathered" flat green paint 16" x 16" x 52" HINT: I learned the secret to cutting chicken wire. DON'T USE WIRE CUTTERS! What you need instead is to use a cutting torch, but don't hit the air. Simply allow it to cut and the slag to bead up, thus...
  2. Church Drama Sets

    This was a set I built in Jan. of 2010. It was my first real set that I had built of this caliber. I built all of the structures and the rest was decorated by the great Linda Posada. She used Styrofoam sheets, chicken wire and brown paper sheets. Oh, and lots of paint
  3. Reclaimed kitchen shelf

    The sides are reclaimed cedar fence boards, the top is from a salvaged wood bridge in eastern WA. Shelves and back are aged fence boards. This is un-finished to match some other items in the kitchen. The fresh cut ends of the top were coated with some home-made steel wool rust, then lightly...
  4. Oak pantry

    I built this Oak pantry for our kitchen. It has adjustable shelves In the top half. The bottom has rows of dowels for my wife's bake ware. In the bottom doors I used chicken wire with plexiglass behind it to keep the dust out. The top doors my wife painted the middle with blackboard paint. The...
  5. Hand Tools
    Just got this in today and know absolutely nothing of drill presses. I was told this was 70 to 90 years old and I purchased it in Germany. I wondering how to care for it and praying nothing ever breaks on it…lol. Also not completely sure how it's supposed to function. When crank is turned it...
1-5 of 5 Results