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  1. Getting Ready for my Winter Show

    So i was accepted into my first craft show (first time applying, it was a juried show and i got in). So my plan is to make around 100 intarsia ornaments for this show… Not to mention a couple of kaleidoscopes, a few cutting boards, 8 photo frames, some wine stoppers, and a few bandsaw boxes...
  2. Inlayed End Table

    I just finished this table today! The top is hard maple finished with several coats of super blonde shellac and one thin coat of arm-r-seal. The chickadee was an inlay pattern I purchased from Grizzle; however, the flower and extra branch are my own design. The base is walnut finished with...
  3. Chickadee in the Holly

    This is some beautiful Black Walnut, my favorite carving material.
  4. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    All, I just wanted to point folks to the post by TexasDawg. He is stationed in Afganistan and is building simple things with materials and tools on hand to improve his and his mates living conditions. You can see his latest project and comments at: "
1-4 of 4 Results