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  1. Some my recent work

    Most of my work are Hope Chests, Cedar Chests and Memorial Boxes. I also do special projects and restorations. The Corner Display Case/with three glass shelves was for a local funeral home.
  2. Blanket chest

    I made two as a trade for some sapphire earrings for my wife. She almost opted to keep the chests instead, but in the end (as usual) the jewelry won out.
  3. Two Craftsman Chests & A Bedframe

    My apologies for the way this project is ending with a whimper instead of a climax. I have been blogging this project over the past 8 months and began it over a year ago. Yet, my friend still caught me by surprise and dropped by my office/study to see if he could pick up one of the pieces and...
  4. Woodworking Skill Share
    I am just getting started with "sharing my projects/builds" with the online community - YouTube, Facebook, etc. I see a lot of neat and ready to navigate websites such as Jay Bates and WW4MM, and others. I looked into Wordpress, and honestly - I got lost and STUCK. I just want to find a good...
  5. Blogs
    An inspirational horse and rider Whenever I travel, particularly since I got the bug, I make it a point to visit somewhere that houses things made of wood by known or unknown craftsmen so I can fawn over their wonderful creations. I thought I should start sharing. A few years ago I had the...
  6. Blogs
    More uses for pirate chests Took a job last year up in PA. which kept me from my shop most of the time, and away from Lumber jocks. Now I am getting to finish a project I started last summer. Refurbishing an old wooden chest. It was a wreck, half of the bottom part of the chest was...
1-6 of 6 Results