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  1. Led Zeppelin Carving Doodle

    American chestnut salvaged from a roadside dresser find. Some people doodle with pen and ink, this is an example of what happens when I doodle. Seriously, I watch a lot of woodworking DVDs and video in the shop but usually fool around with a piece of wood at the same time. This "doodle" was a...
  2. Board Cabinet

    This cabinet has the sole purpose of storing table leaves (or boards). There are thirteen leaves here…they fit into a quarter sawn white oak extension table I also made. The drawer on top is to store things like table cloths and silverware. The wood is reclaimed wormy chestnut from a tobacco...
  3. Flying Saucer Incense Burner

    This is a chestnut bowl blank that took a turn for outer space and became an incense burner. The body is chestnut and the top turret and the base and legs are jarrah. It holds cone incense that sits in a 1 1/4" brass tub in the bottom with 8 air holes around it. There is a 1...
  4. Sofa Table with Granite Insert

    I was selected to build a Mission style sofa table with some granite scraps from the clients kitchen. I used elements of Mission furniture such as through tenons, side slats, shelf, similar dimensions, and corbels, but that is where the similarities end. The top and shelf are cherry with...
  5. Teleidescope

    This is a teleidescope I started last December and finished today. It is made from chestnut wood with a brass eyepiece and a Brazilian rosewood ball keeper. It is 1 3/4" diameter and 10" long with 24 flutes running about half the length. On this one I use 3 1/8"x1"x8" first surface mirrors and...
  6. Small Plate from Horse Chestnut

    A small woodturned plate from Horse Chestnut :)
  7. Chestnut Flying Saucer

    This was a goofing around project to use up some scrap from a crotch I turned into a bowl. It was big enough for something and it turned out to be a lighted flying saucer. I had no plan for what it would be and the wood said it wanted to be a flying saucer so that is what I made it. I had it...
  8. Lightly Spaled Horse Chestnut Bowl

    Bowl turned from lightly spalted Horse Chestnut. Beeswax finish. 28cm across :)
  9. Cherry/Wormy Chestnut Storage Case

    A lot of handwork on this case. I left the dovetails and through-tenons proud. Which made sanding and finishing a little fussier, but I like the look. Finished with shellac and pastewax. Some people don't seem to care for pastewax over shellac, but i do.
  10. Wormy Chestnut Plate Rack

    Ok so I don't always just make clocks! I had some old 100 year old reclaimed wormy chestnut and I decided to make this Stickley style plate rack out of it. Pretty rustic but fun. Oh, I did make a couple of clocks out of it too! Thanks for looking…
  11. Spalted Horse Chestnut Bowl

    Woodturned bowl from Spalted Horse Chestnut. 28cm across. Finished with Boiled Linseed Oil :)
  12. Spalted Horse Chestnut Bowl

    Woodturned bowl from Spalted Horse Chestnut. 14cm across. Finished with Acrylic Lacquer and Beeswax :)
  13. Teacher's Pen

    Gift for my son's Kindergarten teacher. Wood: Black Walnut, Chestnut, Red Cedar. For some reason, the finish turned parts of the Chestnut grey. Not sure what I did there, but not complaining. Finished with BLO and CA. One end has red ink and the other has black. Kit from Penn State Industries.
  14. Chestnut Crotch Bowl #66

    At our last turning guild meeting, Ron Dibble did a demo on turning a heart shaped bowl from a crotch of a tree. I was really impressed at the final product so I attempted to do that but the only chestnut crotch I had was not a balanced piece- the two arms were different lengths and much...
  15. Chestnut Side Table

    This is a side table that I made out of some old chestnut barn wood. This barn was on my family's property and torn down several years ago when the land was sold to a developer. My dad sawed off several of the nicest boards before it was torn down. I wish we had gotten them all. The wood is...
  16. *update* on Christmas ornaments (up to 85 now)

    So here are 85 ornaments, shaped and most of them (like 90-95%) all have their backings glued on (i think just the moose and a cardinal or two don't). I have 9 other ornaments i need to shape which brings my total to 94. If I am feeling well tonight I will go to the woodshop and see if I can...
  17. Coloured Burr

    This is a chestnut Burr which I experimented with and decided to add colour. I know this will not be to everyone's taste but it was just great fun producing
  18. Horse Chestnut Spalted Root Burl Bowl

    This bowl is 17cm across and 10cm deep. I decided to finish this bowl after I rough turned it back in October 2016. I am happy with the result after a difficult couple of hours. Finished with Spray lacquer :)
  19. Mantle Clock

    A very simple mantle clock I made for my wife. It is made of Chestnut I reclaimed from an antique home remodel project. I kept the design very simple to show off the wood, gentle curved edges and clean sides . As it was plaster and lathe backer board, it is full of nail holes, which I find...
1-20 of 212 Results