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  1. Butcher Block Island

    This was built for a my wife who is a local chef, who is also very into green building, and recycled furniture. She wanted a butcher block out of recyled lumber collected locally for her kitchen. After much dumpster diving, and lots of sorting, I came up with some good pieces to get the job...
  2. The set is complete

    Just finished my paring knife to complete the set. The Damascus blade is from Woodcraft (Item #153655) and so are the African Blackwood scales (Item #153762). The knife blade includes aluminum cutlery rivet. However, to keep the theme consistant, I used pins from Jantz knife making supplies. The...
  3. Chef Santa

    This is a 7 inch tall Chef Santa. He's holding his favorite wooden spoon and whisk. Basswood and acrylic paint. This is going as a donation to a fund-raiser "Chef's Night" at the local University. Claude
  4. Yet Another End Grain Cutting Board

    I've made many endgrain cutting boards. I've also made this '3d blocks' design in the past, but this is my favourite one so far, it is around 450mm x 350mm x 40mm in size, so nice and heavy and sturdy. I made it as a gift for my fine woman who says 'it's so beautiful, I don't want to use it...
  5. Cutting boards again :)

    Just completed another batch of cutting boards. - first end grain 17×13x2 maple with walnut with matching design smaller 8×13x5/8 - face grain Zebrawood
  6. Set of Little Piggy Cutting Boards for Etsy Store

    It's time to come clean and tell y'all that we have an Etsy Store. The most popular item so far seems to be these "little piggy" cutting boards. I'm trying to build up a little inventory, so the store is a little skinny right now, but things are selling. I decided to make and sell these boards...
  7. kitchen automata, cooking automaton
  8. Some new additions to the collection

    These are photos of some cutting boards I just made to refill my stock. I tried something new with one of them. Before the second gluing on of the end grain board I put a round on the edges. It made for a cool log cabin type look for the sides. The solid black walnut board with the mahogany...
  9. Chef Santa

    Since tomorrow (24 Nov.) is Thanksgiving holiday here in the US, this seemed an appropriate time to show my latest Santa. Santa is about 9 inches tall, not counting the base, and is carved from basswood. He's painted with acrylic paints. Claude
  10. Hand Tools
    I'm planning on buying a spokeshave to use mainly (at first, anyway) for making wooden spoons, which my daughter is suddenly keen on. I could schlepp down to the big box and get a POS $17 deal, tune it up, and call it good. I'm somewhat reluctant to go to the other end of the spectrum and get...
1-10 of 10 Results