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  1. Mulan Bench

    My fiance asked for a box to store her dumbbells in. A box seemed a little boring so I made a bench with a shelf. She has lots of nostalgia for the Disney movie Mulan so I carved some of the lyrics on the edges of the legs. The majority of the surface was charred with a propane torch and...
  2. Coffee Table made with recycled pallets and fence

    This is one of my first projects. Used some pallets and part of a old privacy fence to make this coffee table. It has four storage compartments on top two of which have cantilever hinges so they can be used like TV trays. I scorched the wood with a propane torch and finished with sealant.
  3. small kithen table made from pallet wood

    Made this small table for friend out of some more pallet wood. Scorched w propane torch and stained finish
  4. Carved & Charred Crosses

    Made this as a Christmas present for my sister. The main cross is made from recycled privacy fence. the medium sized cross is made of cedar driftwood found in lake at the house. The smallest i carved out of a piece of 1×6 scrap. Used a rotary tool to carve design into biggest cross and scorched...
  5. nightstands

    Two tiny nightstands that I made to go in the tiny space on each side of my bed. Both made from recycled pallet wood and balusters I got from a deck job I worked on. Charred both with torch, you can see the difference in appearance before and after in pic 3.
  6. My take on Lutheran style Cross

    Another Christmas present I made. Found the Lutheran style cross used by my parents church online and built something similar. Used recycled fence and palley wood. Charred with a torch.Painted certain parts with metallic blue, altough fourth pic shows the look without the paint. coated with sealant.
  7. Nana's Spice Cabinet

    Sometimes I just like to try new things. My wife's side of the family draws names for Christmas. This year I got my Mother-in-Law's name again, and she requested that I make her a new spice cabinet. She gave me some rough dimensions but pretty much left the rest up to me (except she did say...
  8. Streamline - Spanish cedar & Charred oak table

    A dining table built for functionality and longetivity. Origins: The top is a slab of Spanish Cedar, recovered from Lake Bayano in Panama. In 1979 an entire tropical forest was submerged when Lake Bayano was created as a hydroelectric resevoir. The native tree species are extremely rot...
  9. Charred wood Lamp

    Seeking new techniques on Internet of wood,I found in japan the art of burning wood, this is an ancient Japanese technique for them to make furniture. after several attempts i found the best result and apply for the wood and make me able to make this lamp. I think it looks amazing, what you say?
1-9 of 9 Results