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  1. end grain cutting board

    Squares in circles in squares board. Finished out at 18 1/2"x11 1/4"x1 5/8" Maple, walnut, padauk, cherry and yellowheart.
  2. Nantucket Charcuterie Board

    Had a customer look at one my smaller cheese and cracker boards of Nantucket, which will I post once the oil dries, ask me to make a HUGE charcuterie board of Nantucket. Well here it is. It's about 30 inches wide and about 24 inches tall at highest point. It's just under an inch thick. Made...
  3. Another Charcuterie Board

    So, I inherited this wood from my brother-in-law a few years ago; there were three boards. This is the last of the walnut. Lord knows how long he had them. I assume for a long time because I noted the price on the packaging shows it costed $15.50. Each board was about the same size...
  4. Charcuterie Board - Leaf Design II

    This is a new version of the leaf charcuterie board. The first version was a little too small, so I made this one a couple inches wider. I also aligned the grain better, and exchanged the osage wood for sapele which I think will age better. It will not fade in color, and incredibly beautiful. I...
  5. Blogs
    template creation I have a friend that asked for help making a Yin Yang centerpiece. The ask was for two pieces made from light and dark wood that fit together to make a centerpiece 20" in diameter, with two 4" holes that hold candle jars. They want two separate pieces that can be used as wood...
21-25 of 25 Results