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  1. Endgrain cutting board with a handle

    I find the shape of certain charcuterie board very attractive and decided to make an endgrain cutting board in the shape of one such. This is what I came up with and love to hear your opinion on this. Wood species in this one is walnut and maple. Fortunately, the pieces I had for this project...
  2. Golden ratio cutting board

    Just another cutting board to add to this site, because there aren't enough on here yet. /s Another gift for my bosses for whom I made the 'washrooms' sign last year. First try at a cutting board. It's birch and padauk, and I wanted the finished dimensions to equal the golden ratio. It's 11...
  3. Charcuterie Board

    I made 1 charcuterie board and it turned into an order for ten. I had extra wood from the glue up that was long enough to make a matching cheese cutter. I used maple, cherry and bubinga.
  4. end grain cutting board

    Another design I've been mulling over for a while. Finally had time to see it through. 11.75"W x 15.5"L x 1.5" thick.
  5. Live Edge Charcuterie Board (With Handles)

    I made this live edge charcuterie board from walnut wood. You can use this as a serving tray too. For a how to video and free plans for this project click on Video Link: Check out my YouTube channel Rosewood59 for more projects and free plans! Check out my Website Rosewood59 for more...
  6. Charcuterie Board

    I was given a bunch of walnut ends and cutoffs from a milled log - they were going to use them for firewood. Running them through the planer revealed some beautiful grain. I've made a few of these serving boards on the bandsaw and router table and they're always a big hit.
  7. More Charcuterie Boards

    Two more charcuterie boards that makes a dozen out the door. The first one is cherry, walnut and maple. The second one is hickory, walnut and maple. The boards were finished with my concoction of raw linseed oil and beeswax.
  8. Charcuterie Boards - FAILED Design

    This is the project that led me to lumberjocks. Although it did not work out well for me I thought I would post it in hopes that others would learn from my mistakes and maybe save some time (and wood). My daughter in law came to me with some pictures of some very unique looking charcuterie...
  9. Osage and Maple Charcuterie Board

    i had never heard of "orange osage" wood, when I came across a pallet of scraps marked down at the local lumber yard. It was marked down 40%. I had never heard of orange wood. This was rough cut, so it was hard to figure out what it might look like. When I got it home I planed one side and got a...
  10. Live Edge Charcuterie Board

    This is the second live edge charcuterie board that I made. I used my Shaper Origin to engrave the "A" and my router table to create the undercut finger grip areas on the left and right sides. Of course I added my "Handcrafted…" brand on the bottom. After sanding to 400, I applied four coats...
  11. Charcuterie

    Just a little board I made for my Mother. Made with monkey pod and cherry. The handle is walnut that shaped and dovetailed in through the full thickness of the board. The inlay is macassar ebony. All finished with mineral oil and beeswax.
  12. Leaf Shaped Serving Board

    This is a small serving board for cheese or bread, probably for two people or so… Made of walnut, maple, and osage. I changed the lines slightly from the last time I made one of these, to give it better grain alignment, based on the conversation in the forum on the same topic...
  13. Olive Charcuterie Boards

    A neighborhood friend had an olive tree cut down in his yard several years ago. He had the trunk sliced into cookies and has been using them as stepping stones in his garden for years. He realized there may be nice grain in there so he asked me if I might be able to make a serving board or two...
  14. Charcuterie Boards......or Cutting Boards if your not fancy!

    A good friend wanted a Charcuterie Board, so I decided to make a few. They are just like making a cutting boards, but FANCIER! LOL
  15. A friend really wanted a nice Charcuterie board, so I made her one.

    Becky wanted 2 things, pretty, and she wanted a hole in the handle, I got home and gather some of those extra "one day boards" and here it is. I just love figured Maple, and the slivers of Cherry are great in this configuration, it's not a cutting board, just for Charcuterie board. Best part I...
  16. Epoxy inlay - charcuterie board

    French Goat Toys ( and now) More Christmas took on a new challenge this year, to wit: epoxy inlays. Each board is designed with a coworker in mind. Maple, cherry walnut, padauk, and purple heart make up the boards. Yikes, I learned a lot on this project and trust my next ones will have a lot...
  17. A Charcuterie Board (a.k.a fancy cutting board)

    I finally did it. I made a cutting ….. errrr…. charcuterie board. My daughters have been disparaging the cutting board we use to put the miscellaneous meats and cheeses on when we have a get together for holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas. Every time a holiday comes around I'm reminded...
  18. Charcuterie board with corks

    Thomas Edison, rumor has it, once said this when asked about failure: " I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." Well, I might not have learned 10,000 ways that won't work, but I certainly learned a pile of "don't do that again." I also learned there are two types of...
  19. Another epoxy inlay charcuterie board

    So, a friend asked for a charcuterie board. To my surprise, she asked for my logo on the front. It took two separate pours. The woods are maple, walnut and padauk. This one went much better than my first. However, still learning, and that - in some regard - is what it is about. Thanks for...
  20. Endgrain cutting board

    Been sitting on this idea for a while. Finally had time to see it through. This may have been my most difficult board yet. Lots of room for errors in angle cuts. Finished size 9.25"x15.5"x1.5" padauk, maple, cherry and walnut.
1-20 of 25 Results