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  1. Shou-sugiban Beer Hutch (Gothic)

    Started a project with no real intent, plan, dimensions; just happened across a 38"x36"x2" slab of old growth Japanese Cedar that a local sawyer had sitting around for 65 years! He was cleaning shop and let it go for $20! In true Japanese fashion, both faces were completely straight grain and...
  2. Wood & Lumber
    Hi everyone. I make 1.5" thick end grain cutting boards that generally consist of hard maple, purpleheart, walnut and cherry in different amounts. I recently gave one to a friend of mine and he loves to cook with cast iron. He asked if he bakes something in the over at 350-400 degrees, can he...
  3. Finishing
    I am thinking about using a shou sugi ban (charred wood) finish on some quarter sawn Douglas fir boards but I need to make some wider panels because the boards I have available to me are only about 3.5" wide. I did a trial on a scrap piece just to see the result and it looks good but I am...
1-3 of 3 Results