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  1. Chain Saw

    Found a use for the chain I made.
  2. Mesquite coffee table/bench

    First time i tried Formby's tung oil finish on mesquite wood
  3. pine log bench

    this is my first log bench i made with my stihl. its junk pine i had from a landscaping company. they were more than happy to give me a couple logs. im working on more benches, i will post more pictures when theyre finished.
  4. Anvil stand

    In this project, I show you how I make the anvil stand VIDEO Visit my channel: Making Huertas Stuff
  5. Bench

    The bench is made from a big red oak that grew on my parents-in-law property. The oak was taken down about seven years ago since it was damaged in a storm. I squared the oak log by attaching a home made jig to an old 18'' chain saw that my father-in-law has. The edges of the bench were then...
  6. White elephant gifts and cutting Boards

    This year for my wife's school White elephant party, I decided to make a Aggie chainsaw and a cutting board. I copied my grandfathers disston handle and added a nice chrome chain for the saw. I then downloaded cutting board designer and design my first cutting board. Of course I had to make a...
  7. Back Flow Incense Burner/Inside-Out Turning

    I wanted to make another back flow incense burner but not a typical waterfall type so I designed this one like water falling through and arch. First I needed the arch which I made from an inside out turning.Then I turned the floating base with a recess for the arch ( to center it) and which is...
  8. Rustic Cedar Love Seat!

    My neighbor at the lake, picked up some short pieces of cedar left by the loggers, because they only take 100" pieces. I made a few benches out of them, & this is our favorite. I used my Logman Tenon Maker on this Project. Check this link out, because it has a great demo.
  9. Garden Cottage.. Guest house

    This is a little garden cottage I built for a friend in his backyard….
  10. Model land rover county 9" long

    Model land rover county the top half was made from beech and the bottom half from sapele thus making the most of the contrasting wood shades
  11. Bodie

    This is a burning my better half did for her sister, of course his name is Bodie.
  12. Kodiak Bear

    This was just a fun chain saw carving I did for our campfire surroundings. He still needs a coat of fur carved on.
  13. Lidded Box From Plum

    A friend of mine has a friend who has had a dead plum tree in his yard for years. My friend suggested they cut it down and give me the wood to see if I could do anything with it. This is my first experience with plum and boy is it ever nice to work with. Reminds me of turning cherry. I made...
  14. Rough Cut Band Saw Box in Red Oak

    November, 2010-About a year ago a friend of mine from Atlanta had some massive pieces of an oak tree that was cut down. He gave me some and they have been sitting in my garage slowly drying out. I decided to take the chain saw and cut off a few pieces. This is my first project from that hunk...
  15. What to do with that dead tree.

    A big pine tree on my property died. When the tree guy came to cut it down I asked him to save the straight section of the trunk. I ended up with a 10 ft. section of trunk which I cut into a 4 ft. section and a 6 ft. section. I don't have a broad axe or an adz so I had to do everything with a...
  16. Joiner/Carvers mallet

    This is a mallet turned from hard volunteer Lilac, seasoned over the winter and turned this spring. It's a brute of a mallet, heavier then others I have made. This is denser wood with vivid contrasting colors; golden to white and on to stark black. A very striking piece (pun intended ;-D)...
  17. Mallet

    These is a mallets turned from hard volunteer Mulberry tree, seasoned over the winter and turned this spring. This is dense wood with vivid golden colors accented by the browns of the grain. Finished with 3 coats of Tung Oil, any future touch-ups will be very easy.
  18. Olive Wood

    Okay so some times I bite off more than I can chew. This is one of those times. My friend Mike (in the first picture) said he wanted to get rid of an Olive tree at one of his rental properties. This immediately sparked my interest and I told him that when he wanted it to come down, I'd be happy...
  19. Mallets and Reindeer

    Mulberry and cedar wood weekend. Picture #2 My neighbor cut down a "volunteer" mulberry tree the other day. He gave my the larger limbs for helping him with the cutting. I needed a good solid mallet in the shop so I cut a 12 inch log out and mounted it in the lathe. I was surprised at how...

    This is a turning I did in approximately 2 hrs. It started out as a lidded box, however there was a crack in the top portion of the piece I started with. I had the bottom part turned down to the size and started on the lid when the piece blew in half. The crack was much more pronounced then...
1-20 of 42 Results