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  1. Make Three Wishes.

    This is my Genie bottle that nature had more to do with making than I did. I was cleaning out some pines around my shop and came across this design (not sure what it is called) and I knew I had to see what I could make out of it. Picture number 5 is what I started with and the remaining four...
  2. Mining Cart (replica) Coffee Table

    This project is well worth the effort to build. I used reclaimed heart pine 1" in thickness for the upper sides and end. The bottom frame is 2" x 4" with 1" x1" cleats to support inside tongue and groove bottom panel. Lids are removable that reveals a large storage area for blankets, magazines...
  3. Center Piece Candle Holder

    I ran across this candle holder in woodsmith magazine #182. My original thought was to make this out of a nice, figured, piece of curly maple that I had been saving for a small project like this. After getting the materials together, I did not think the 4/4 curly maple was thick enough to get...
  4. More Turning Projects

    A few more turning projects. The candle holder is Brazilian cherry (I turned it then had to figure out what is actually was). The pencil holder is colonial cypress from the 1700's that was salvaged from the bottom of a river. Really fun and easy to work with.
  5. Puzzleduck Pastures - Fairy Door Puzzle

    Hi guys, been awhile! Everyones making such cool stuff! Here is my latest creation. This is Puzzle Duck Pastures and is a 13 moves to open puzzle. I do love how I get to play with the exotic woods affordably, lol. A couple cool new locking systems employed here, and a visual surprise of...
  6. Centerpiece Candle Holders

    These are several candle holders a friend of mine and I made to sell due to unemployment. They are simple, yet elegant and add a good bit of light to any dinning or living room.
  7. Cedar box joint bowl/box

    Even I'm not sure what this is….. Is it a bowl or a box? Whatever you call it it is made of some nice straight grain cedar given to me by my brother. It was shaped almost entirely with chisels and rasps then sanded for daaaaaays. It's finished with four coats of Shellac and topped with wax...
  8. Center piece / decor holder

    I've had this white oak slab for awhile and I've also wanted a unique center piece / decor holder. Would love to see what anyone thinks. The inlay and feet are mahogany. Thanks for looking.
  9. Zen Garden

    The low profile design makes it a perfect center piece for any table. The Zen style gives life to open spaces and encourages a lack of clutter. Made of solid maple, finished with an espresso stain and cleared in a satin polyurethane. 33 inches long, 12 inches wide with the center square 10 1/2...
  10. Table center piece/Napkin holder

    After the success of the serving tray I made for my wife a few months back, I wanted to make something for the table to hold napkins. I used some of the extra pieces so it would match the tray, this is what I came up with. By the time I finished it became...
  11. Natural Edge Center Piece

    Little side project I just finished. Created a nice little center piece that holds little succulent plants with a piece of ambrosia maple. Still need to find 3 more succulents to fill out the other glasses. I may mount it to the wall in the future as a little shelf for holding plants.
  12. Finishing
    Hi, I'm new to working with Beetle Kill wood and am looking for tips on finishing a large amount of interior paneling. I want to achieve a matte finish that won't yellow overtime. I also wan't to highlight and preserve the unique colors of the wood. Because of the square footage I would like...
  13. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    Looking for small (5"-8") battery operated turntables for displaying items. Any suggestions?????
1-13 of 13 Results