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  1. Cedar Planter box

    Cedar Planter Box I had some cedar off cuts that were given to me by a friend with a saw mill. The cedar came from a 50 year old telephone pole that had been pulled and replaced. I wanted to make planter boxes so I searched the site for other planter boxes that members had made. I found a...
  2. Cedar Planter Box II

    Cedar Planter Box II I purchased an old cedar telephone pole and had a friend mill the pole into 8/4 and 4/4 slices on his mill. Then I went about making a number of cedar planters for both personal use and to sell. The planters are made from a 50 year old cedar telephone pole that was...
  3. Cedar Planter Box

    Along with woodworking I have a huge passion for gardening. About 5 years ago I built three 6' long planter boxes for my backyard. Late this summer I had the opportunity to build another one for a gal who had seen mine while on a garden tour I hosted. This is a very easy project for anyone to...
  4. Blogs
    Garden Planter Box I made this planter box for my wife's front porch vegetable garden. It was pretty simple to make using pocket holes and gluing in some reinforcement boards to hopefully add some extra support. I hope you like the video. Thanks for watching!
1-4 of 4 Results