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  1. Table Saw Cabinet

    My Saw is almost done! Have to work out blade storage. What I have is something that use to hang on the wall that's been placed in an open box. Maybe a drawer with something to organize my blades. The material I use for the Router table top has to much movement so I will likely replace that...

    I always wanted a nice sign for my shop and when I found this beautiful live edge slab of Manitoba maple ( Box Elder ) I knew this was the right piece to make the sign of . I recently got a wood burning kit that I planned on using for dating ,numbering and signing my boxes and other projects...
  3. Finishing
    I need some troubleshooting assistance. I just bought some Texas Cedar Oil and finished a set of bookends with it. Now I have white growth, what looks like mold, growing from the recently finished wood? What would cause this? And is it mold/mildew? Is it normal? Please advise.
  4. Finishing
    My wife has a rather extreme dislike of all pests (rodents,insects etc.). For this reason we have chosen to go 100% with cedar wood on both the exterior wood siding and the interior wood paneling in our new rustic cottage. Sealants will 'seal' out the aroma from the natural oil in the wood. So...
1-4 of 4 Results