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  1. Cedar Gate & Fence

    Cedar Gate & Fence This project is not completely finished but this gate & panels of the first stage are almost done so it might fit this category. The Gate & panels are 8' high & are more than 1 7/8" thick red cedar. There will be keyed locks so we can gain access from both sides. Because of...
  2. Blogs
    Rough Dimensions for a Cedar Gate I promised my better half that I'd complete the outdoor projects this summer and so far, haven't been able to hold true to my word due to a wet and unpredictable summer. I did want to get a healthy start on the projects though and started by planning a simple...
  3. Blogs
    Routing, Glue-up & Details So now that I have the rough lumber down to final dimensions, I marked out the middle of each piece, both vertical and horizontal and then marked 7mm on each side for a 14mm wide dado. The depth was approx 6mm as well, which I had to consider when cutting the...
1-3 of 3 Results