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  1. Maple CD Shelves

    I made a few CD wall mount shelves and stackables. Nice projects, I have made about 12 of these so far, I have made a couple for my son and I am selling some. This is a nice gift for the person with too many CD's and not enough storage. I made them stackable so that you can add more as you go...
  2. Guitar CD storage

    Music was my first love … so this project is made from oak, beech, ash, afzelia, wenge, padouk, meranti, merbau with a lot of different types of connections. Many small pieces of waste wood.
  3. Wood & Lumber
    I have some nice Oregon White Oak that has air dried for one year. It is now at about 15% moisture content. The lumber is planed down to about an inch, and I am ready to finish drying it to build a dining table. I stacked and stickered the lumber in a small insulated room, being careful to...
  4. Blogs
    Found CD from old shop in 2000! Hey everyone! I was going thru some old CDs and found stuff from my old shop. Old Shop I used to run a web site MARKSWOODSHOP.COM, and this is some of that old content. It'll take me a bit to get the stuff reformatted and uploaded so stay tuned for further...
1-4 of 4 Results