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  1. The beginnings of my woodworkings..

    These are some pictures of 3 different projects that i did on my free time, not really knowing if i could do it or not, you know, the way a pro would.. So i started with drawings, i could at least do that. I blended curves and added leaves as i went. Most people wouldn't believe me if i told...
  2. Screen door - Spanish modern inspired

    Client decided he wanted a "statement" for his front entry…."....some carvings and some spindles would be nice…" The door and spindles is quartered, ribbon sapele (African mahogany) I found the brass handle in an antique store, though had to make the back plate from a piece of bronze flat-bar...
  3. Over Mantle carvings

    These carvings are 18' x 18" and are made out of Qt. sawn white oak. They are 1 3/4" in deep. I have worked evenings and weekends for the last two months to complete them. They are by far the hardest carvings I have had to make. The faces are the first ones I have ever tried to carve. I'm...
  4. More Escher-based reliefs

    Rather than keep you in suspense, here are six more Escher-inspired relief carvings I have done: 1. Drawing Hands, converted to "Carving Hands," basswood, 12" x 15" - 2006 2. Balcony, sycamore, 7-3/4" x 9-1/4" - 2006 3. Waterfall, basswood, 16" x 20" - 2007 4. Dragon, basswood, 8" x 11" - 2003...
  5. New flag and a preview of the next

    Hey all, I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy in these trying times. So I've been off work for the last couple of weeks and have been stuck at home working in my shop and trying not to go crazy so I started a new flag , mainly because they take awhile and are very labor intensive, helps...
  6. Carved Mahogany Serving Tray

    This serving tray was carved in mahogany by Justin Gordon of It measures 12" x 22" x 3" high. The ends have five carved ivy leaves on each side descending down from the top and the handles are turned mahogany with a center button for carrying stability. The side rails are...
  7. Wedding gift

    Hello from beautiful humbolt county. I'm new to LJ's and still starting out out Woodcarving (5 years), this is my largest piece so far. This I one of 2 templetes before I do the final. There will be 3 tiers dropping down 1/4" each tier (not done yet) as I am using 3/8" plywood.
  8. Subdivision notice board

    Neighbors wanted a classier way to post notices rather than just sticking them up on a stake. So I made one that matched the entrance to the subdivision. while I don't have a picture of the first notice it went up today.
  9. Basic Oak Fireplace Surround - When an English Library is just a little too much!

    When I reached a stage in my apprenticeship where "case" products were my specialty, I began the task of turning my house into a home by taking advantage of my skills as a furniture maker. The task of installing an array of custom pieces including an oak fireplace surround, a home theater, a...
  10. Carvings and display

    Here are a couple more pictures of my carvings. Like I said, just fun stuff to do. The display here is what I made for our craft shows. My wife makes quilts and I do the wood carving and simple country furniture and nick knacks. We also do custom coffee mugs, tiles, coasters and much more. We...
  11. Carvings

    These are some of the carvings that I have done this year. Thanks.
  12. "Grand Canyon" Juniper Carved vessel

    The first picture is of a Juniper vessel that I carved. This piece definately deservs it's name "Grand Canyon". The picture doesn't show just how large this piece is. It is approximately 36" tall and 34" wide. It came from a Juniper tree estimated to be around 800 yrs old. I used the chainsaw...
  13. Behind Closed Doors (viewer discretion is advised)

    This project is the finished project from my blog. If you haven't read the blog it would be neato if you took the time to do so. Here are some pictures of the interior of this project. picture of arch and door close up of carved door carved door open. I used soss hinges for this secret...
  14. Flying Ducks on Deck Bench

    Over the years I have carved different figures on on deck. This is one of them. I've discovered that when I make a mixture of Linseed Oil, mineral spirits, & Beeswax. Over a period of time the carving darkens up like it had been stained.
  15. Alfred Hitchclock

    I picked up a piece of Redwood scrap and started carving. This was some four years ago. I still have it.
  16. The Dapple grey

    this mini carousel horse was carved in basswood. and started out as 9 pieces. painted with acrylic paint then varnished . it was my second mini carousel horse
  17. Curved Bed Headboard with Relief Carvings

    Seeing Bill Judt's project reminded me of this Headboard I made at our Lake Cabin. The sailboat in the middle is from a pattern in one of his books. The other two carvings are created from newspaper clippings. I started out with a piece of 1" X 12" Pine. I sawed the curve close to the...
  18. three different projects

    Couple little carvings I made. First one is a bird in mahogany with a wenge frame. Finish is tung oil. Made to mount. Second is a bear in basswood. Used utc for color then finished with lacquer. Third project is a mountain lion carved in maple. Colored with utc as well. The carving of the...
  19. Preparing for Christmas

    After developing too many YouTube Tribute Videos, it has been so nice to get back to my workshop and making Christmas gift. If you promise not to tell my relatives. All family members will get a candlestick and Mrs Claus serving apples. The younger ones will get a toy tractor to remind them...
  20. sea horse

    this sea horse is neptunes ride.
1-20 of 27 Results