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  1. Carving knife handle'n sheath

    Carving knife handle'n sheath the shaves are wood… Another gift from my friend Flemming is this old beautiful carving knife. Curved blade, flexible like a spring. But impossible to use without getting your hands in trouble. Also it needed a way to stay sharp and not make trouble when...
  2. Spoon knife leather sheaths.

    Spoon knife leather sheaths I know it's not made of wood but for wood - lol. Since I care for my tools and the spoon knifes when useful are razor sharp, I thought it would be wise to make them some sheaths, to replace the rubber once I made from bicycle tire tube (they did not stand the sharp...
  3. Designing Woodworking Projects
    Well, I am stuck. I'm building a fence and have put up some treated pine posts and I'm now deciding on what wood to use to finish the fence out. It's going to be a horizontal slat fence with 4×4 mains at 10' with 2×4 helpers at the 5' marks between the two 4×4's. So, here are my choices: Pine...
1-3 of 3 Results