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  1. Carved Box

    This box is Old Growth California Redwood with Bocte hinges, Maple splines and Walnut bottom. The dished Fleur di Leis was carved on my CarveWright machine. 3 coats of Wipe on Poly. I still have to trim the brass pins on the hinges.
  2. Carved Skeleton

    No, it's not for my house. My oldest son, an avid guitar player and collector, asked me to carve something to put in his "guitar room". He's got it so bad that when he built his new house he dedicated a room for his guitars and sound proofed it so he could play to his heart's content (bless...
  3. Wine Boxes

    I like making custom wine boxes for gifts. Usually a mix of woods. Walnut, Maple, & Cherry typically, although an Oak/Walnut one snuck in there as that's what I had on hand at the moment!
  4. Engagement and Wedding gift

    This is an enhancement and addition to the "Friends" sign. I had the 2 messages connect and be one as with the marriage of two friends. It took a bit of detailing to get the pieces to match perfectly.
  5. Carvewright box experiment

    This box, while it is certainly not anything to be proud of, has really excited me! I used a single plain, non nondescript piece of Pine measuring 3/4" x 5 1/2" x 24". I have a Carvewright machine, which is a entry level CNC machine. My goal was to see if I could design a box in the Designer...

    My wife has collected Elephants for as long as I can remember (I was her very first). I carved this Elephant plaque out of a piece of hard Maple on my Carvewright. It is about 8 inches wide and 5 inches tall. When I say that I carved this piece - I use the term carved loosley. The...
  7. Walnut/Mahogany Humidor w/spanish cedar liner "the Chief"

    Finally, my first humidor is done…. This is a commission for a recently retired Command Chief Master Sergeant friend. The top is Mahogany, and was carved with my Carvewright and then stained and sanded. The liner is Spanish Cedar and "floats" in the outer shell of Walnut which has been sealed...
  8. TV Stand with Bookcase / cd or dvd shelf

    I just wanted to share one of my latest projects which I recently finished. My parents got a new TV set two months ago and the old TV stand just did't fit anymore, so I decided to build them a new one and wanted to make it nice but quick to build and to put my carvewright machine to some use...
  9. Round Carvewright Box

    This is a round box that I designed and carved on my Carvewright machine. It is all cut from a single piece of Red Cedar that is 18×7 x 3/4. The top has an elephant carved into it and the underside of the lid has been rabbited so that it registers properly on the box. The box is 5 1/2" x 2"...
  10. Bar High dining table

    This is our dining table. 24 reasons my wife and I love each other inlay in Kenji. Used the scrollsaw for the inlays. The carving on the sides was done with the Carvewright. Thanks for looking!
  11. Lakes end table

    I've been making decorative carved lake maps as wall hangings for a few years now, but I got a request for a table, so I have been trying a few techniques. For this one, I both highlighted the varying lake depths as well as filled in the carvings for a flat table surface. After carving...
  12. Forman Fire Protection District Event Sign

    We want to say a big "Thank You" to Rosemary Palmer for donating the materials. Special Thanks also go to the guys on the CarveWright forum that shared patterns, the FFPD Volunteers that helped along the way and the Manito Community for your support. Special "Thanks" to Tracy Ward, Dan Kraft...
  13. Mountain Dulcimer

    Haven't posted a project in a while, and thought to include this one. Mountain Dulcimer Completed 12/2010. A member of the Charlotte Woodworkers Assoc. held a free Dulcimer building workshop. I jumped at the oppurtunity and completed this one. Made of Tiger/Ambrosia maple (soundboard), Walnut...
  14. My business sign

    This is made using Western Red Cedar, which I planed down to remove the rough side. I was then carved on my Carvewright and finishing by hand. It is coated with spar varnish.
  15. Navy NFO Wangs…..

    These are carved out of birdseye maple to add to another project I am finishing up with a Carvewright.
  16. Judas betrays Jesus - carving in mesquite

    Hi all- this is my first post here on the "projects" for lumberjocks, though I've certainly admired the work you all have posted in the past and enjoyed seeing your work. I know I have posted this on other forums and hope it is OK to post it here (I'm kind of proud of it) This is a 10×10...
  17. Urn with lithophane

    A few weeks before Christmas we had a death in the family. I was asked to make the urn and had four days to complete it. I have never made an urn but decided to incorporate a lithophane into it. A lithophane is made by carving a photo into porcelain, china or corian and then using a back light...
  18. English Sitting Stool

    This is a replica of an English sitting stool that dates back to the late 1700's. It is made from oak. Each milled element of the stool has at least two 7 degree cuts. The finish is a clear lacquer. If you want to see how I made it, watch the video.
  19. Hand Plane

    I made this hand plane way back in High School as a gift for my grandfather . It was my third project ever. I remember spending hours sanding the end grains and grooves for your fingers on the right side.
  20. my first steps in the cnc world

    These are my first journeys into cnc carving - Iplayed around with shapes, materials, fonts and methods to trick the carving machine into doing stuff that wouldn`t work with the manufacturers setup. I am pretty happy so far - I am thinking about doing a blog here at LJ to point out my pro`s and...
1-20 of 37 Results