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  1. the boys

    a group of small carvings that filled in time at the shop and put to good use some scrap wood hope you all enjoy jim
  2. 16 ft eagle tree hand carved,0,7268536.story
  3. arving a bench for the kids
  4. Bluegill

    This was a project with a piece of Cherry wood scrap that just screamed BLUEGILL… the entire piece is hand carved and polished without the use of sandpaper my cabinet maker trainer used to say…."SANDPAPER IS FOR FOOLS THAT CAN'T SHARPEN THEIR TOOLS" THE END RESULT WAS ALOT OF SCRAPING the...

    this piece was a small chunk of the famous Wye Oak from Maryland's Eastern Shore its historic value far exceeds its carved value but together …..a match made in heaven the Idea of a beaver swimming just was too great to pass up and the slice of the wood just screamed Swimming Beaver the piece...
  6. 12 ft Eagle

    this was a labor of love carves into a tree about 1/4 of a mile from where I grew up as a child .afforded me the pleasure of seeing many old friends and leaving a large memory behind
1-7 of 7 Results