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  1. A Footstool for Mama

    As you can imagine, Carleen can have just about anything she wants, from the shop that is. So…... Why did she opt for a stool with nothing but straight legs? It has definite Arts and Crafts attributes. The idea came from a stool I made more than 30 years ago. That stool also was made from Red...
  2. The Juniper Foot Stool

    Here in the ION country where Idaho, Oregon and Nevada come together, the Juniper is considered a noxious weed. They grow everywhere and are increasing at alarming speed scattered by birds and everything else that can move seed. They suck up 45 gallons of water per day on the average and nothing...
  3. folding screen

    screen out of african mahogany with carved leather insert with silver conchos.
  4. Mantle Clock

    This is a clock I built for a friend for Christmas. It is basically a plywood box with face frame and top and bottom. The box is red oak plywood, pocket screwed together. The top, bottom and face frame are Red Oak. The face is carved 14 oz. skirting leather backed with 1/2 inch ply. The clock...
  5. Silla Vaquero

    The name is "Cowboy's Chair" in Spanish. I've heard Mexican vaqueros call their saddle by this name. this chair is for me!! I got tired of the sorry Lazee Boy and gave it away, this is the replacement. I wound up having to hurry so the finish is not up to par, but…...... The wood is Alder. It...
  6. My New Pickin' and Grinnin' Stool

    This is a prototype. I have been wanting to venture into the world of chair makers for some time. This is where I started. I was mainly seeing how I could do the compound angle used to attach legs to the seat of this type of sitting contraption. I had a couple trashy stools that I have used in...
1-6 of 6 Results