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  1. coloring books patterns

    I have heard several tomes that anyone can get patterns from coloring books, so My adventure started. I went looking in my home, my Daughters home in the stores, in both my son's homes, and I have come out with a few patterns that is making young parents, wanting me to hurry and finish alot of...
  2. horse breaking

    I wanted to do another picture of the pattern I had with the cowboy breaking his horse. I have several plaques that I had made in few years ago, for another priject and he=ad these left so I put this picture on here. The turn out of this picture to me is quit nice but burning ontop of poly is...
  3. More cartoon classics

    here are more of those cartoon classic animals. I counted and I have done more than 28 pictures. each one has it own look to it and will look even more distinctivewhen I decide if to color or to leave as is and do more burning to them. I have found that there are alot of different pictures out...
  4. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Does anyone have experience with Woodcraft's Self centering 4-Jaw lathe chuck? Roger
  5. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    these are made from belt sander sleeves , any size will do , i like the 4×24 most , as it will span a longer area . rip a piece of scrap and cross cut to a slightly longer length and round the ends slightly , keep trimming it , ( and rounding ) , until you get a snug fit . in different grits ...
1-5 of 5 Results