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  1. Pen and Pencil Holders

    Bee-ing all they can bee. I stumbled across a dried up cedar tree with several branches still attached. Thinking I might bee able to use the trunk for some salvageable wood, I started to saw off the branches. Bee-lieve it or not this is what I found. Carpenter bees had tunneled nests all...
  2. Lumberjock Bee Trap

    I don't mind carpenters hanging around my shop drinking my beer, but when they start chewing holes in my deck, I get annoyed. To prevent Carpenter Bees from digging holes in my new screened in porch made primarily of cedar, I found a few references online to this type of trap. The concept is...
  3. Designing Woodworking Projects
    I'm designing my first woodworking-centric workbench and was planning on laminating 4×4 kiln dried Douglas fir for the top. Is an end cap absolutely necessary with such a robust cut of this relatively stable wood? What if I want to include a tail vise? Right now I am planning on only a front...
  4. Designing Woodworking Projects
    Hey all, My deck is getting buzzed by the cordless drill of the insect world, the carpenter bee. Does anyone have a good plan for one they'd like to share? Thanks! Joel
1-4 of 4 Results