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  1. Man with Brooms

    h 23cm,basswood,hand made,10.03.2013
  2. Enlow inspired Character Carving

    It's been awhile since I've busted out the carving knife. I had some grandiose ideas of woodcarving on the beach. So I cut out the blank and packed the dremel and a couple of blades and took the carving 'kit' to Florida on our family vacation! I was quickly sanctioned to using the dremel only on...
  3. Hillbilly

  4. Man with Bast Shoes.

    h 23cm,hand made,20.03.2013
  5. Caricature Faces II - Another Day at a Carving Seminar

    Since retiring almost two years ago and beginning my particpation with LumberJocks, I have been exposed to so many different aspects of woodworking. I've been fortunate to be able to attend a number of local seminars (at Lee Valley) and try these different woodworking types first hand. My...
  6. Enslow inspired wood carving

    I completed this woodcarving several years ago. Haven't painted it yet…. not sure I ever will.
  7. Rufus The Moonshiner

    Rufus is about 4" tall and carved from a single block of northern Wisconsin basswood. He was carved from an old pattern created by master wood carver, Harold Enlow.
  8. Baseball Old-Timer

    Finally finished painting this. This one was a basswood rough out in PJ Driscoll's class at RWR March 2018. He stands just over 6.5 inches tall. Claude
  9. Floyd the Golfer

    Floyd is a very dapper, smartly dressed golfer. It's no wonder his chin is of such generous proportions…..he's always so greatly amazed when he hits a good shot, that his chin is permanently dropped in amazement. He stands 7 inches tall and is hand carved from a single piece of Northern...
  10. Caricature Bust Carving Seminar

    I had the pleasure of spending two days this week at a Caricature Bust Craving Seminar offered at the local Lee Valley store. The first day focussed on blocking out the bust. In this case we were using a 2.5" x 2.5" x 4" basswood block. On the second day the focus was on creating the...
  11. Accordionist

    heigth- 30cm, 02.07.2013.,basswood
  12. Street cleaner

    March 2013, h 22cm. hand made
  13. Milo - Elf Tree Ornament

    Meet Milo…Milo is one of the more mischievous young elves in Santa's workshop. He is also one of the newest…being there for only 15 years. Milo loves to play pranks on the other elves in the workshop…he's always hiding the other elves' tools! Santa scolds him but it doesn't seem to help! Carved...
  14. Sea Captain

    This sea captain is my first project posted on Lumberjocks. I began wood carving in January of 2019 and regret that I didn't start a whole lot earlier. I've had so much enjoyment finding characters in wood! This little captain is 6" tall and is made of bass wood. He was made as a gift for my...
  15. Carving Caricature Heads

    I started carving many years ago and had a particular interest in caricatures. I bought a some books and followed the step-by-step instructions. The results were okay. However, I realized something with any carving (or other visual art): screwing up the face of the carving also screws up the...
  16. Man with Beer

    26.09.2013,h 10",basswood,beer and smal fish
  17. Fisherman

    16.05.2013.old basswood,h 14inch.
  18. Gnome, ala Liberace

    You never know what will happen when you give your knife free will! CJ
  19. Bruiser

    h-8.5",hand made,old basswood,(26.03.2012)
  20. Youth

    h 8 inch,hand made,basswood,2013.rustic carving
1-20 of 35 Results