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  1. Carbide tip turning tools

    303 stainless, ground, drilled and tapped to take replacement tips I get from woodcraft. They have two rear handles, the increasing slope at the top I use when holding the handle in place under my arm, the ball at the tip is a reverse hand hold when roughing.
  2. Wenge Wood Man Dish! (or woman)

    African Wenge Wood Man Dish (or woman) The man dish measures 5.5×1.4 Inches. I wanted something not to big, manly with a shine, and have enough thickness and weight that if needed, I could also use it for home defense! Turned with my home made carbide tipped tools, sanded and finished with...
  3. carbide insert roughing tool

    Here's a few pictures of a roughing tool I made for myself using a carbide insert. It'll really hog off the wood!
  4. Charlie's Angels

    While not 3, They still stand up to their name. Made these carbide insert turning tools for a fellow lumberjock that have been there since the early days and been true to the lumberjocks spirit all along. 2 tools, one for rough and general work (square cutter with cambered edge) as well as for...
  5. Sharpening Station

    Here is my chisel and plane blade sharpening station. It holds a water stone and my diamond stone along with this, it has two stops for plane blades 25 and 30 degree and three stops for my chisels 25, 30 and 35. I use these in conjunction with a sharpening guide. I got this idea i think from...
  6. Carbide Lathe Tools

    Maple handles, 1/2" round bar, copper ferrule, carbide cutters. Maple handles sanded to 320 and finished with shellac. Copper sanded to 2000, buffed, then sprayed with shellac. Cost was around $11 each. If I do this again, I may use aluminum square bar stock instead of steel. edit: Oct 2016...
  7. My first Carbide lathe tool project

    I was sent a carbide kit. Check it out
  8. Small Tea Box & Sizing Kit

    I enjoy making boxes and furniture for gifts. I'm not sure people appreciate the time and effort that goes into their making. Maplerock used to say that people only appreciate what they have to pay for. He did very well selling his boxes, they were of the highest quality and he was taught by an...
  9. Carbide Turning Tool

    Here is a carbide turning tool that I completed a while back. I bought the carbide insert from Woodcraft, and fabricated the rest myself. The steel rod was free scrap that I milled a flat into. I then drilled and tapped a hole for the insert screw attachment and ground it to the shape I...
  10. Long Dresser, Cherry and Walnut

    This is a long dresser to match the night stands I posted previously ( ). Made from Cherry, Walnut and Baltic birch, finished with Arm-R-Seal. Only cost me 1 trip to the ER! Thanks for looking Here's some more info on the build: The dresser is composed of...
  11. Turned ambrosia maple bowl

    This is a bowl that I turned out of a 6"x6"x3" block of Ambrosia Maple. Used carbide lathe tools.
  12. Cedar Turned Bowl

    This is a cedar bowl from a 6"x6"x3" bowl blank turned on Shopsmith with carbide tools
  13. Turned Bowls

    Variety of turned bowls from 6"x6"x3" blanks incuding cedar, walnut, ambrosia maple, cherry and zebra wood. All turn on Shopsmith using carbide tools just getting into turning. Wife told me to stop making bowls…so I threw a lid on one to make it a box….seemed likw a good compromise.
  14. Decorative Surf Boards

    This is the first of a couple projects I made for my sister to use as decorations in her kid's rooms. These are three surfboards made out of 3/4" poplar. They're 30 inches tall by 7.5 inches wide. I made them for my sister and she did all the painting. This was a fun project because it was a...
  15. Woven Ash, Purple Heart, and Wenge Cutting Board Time Lapse video shot on my 7D. I made this to show the steps necessary to glue together this cutting board that I made. The cutting board is made from...
  16. Carbide Lathe Tools - 2nd Try....

    Last week I posted my first try at building one of these - got some good advice that the proportions were wrong, so made the adjustments and finished all 3. A friend of mine did the machining for HSS shafts and used Easy Wood Tools carbide inserts for the cutters. The handles are hard maple...
  17. Lathe Tool Handles For Carbide Inserts

    These handles were made for inserts from Cap'n Eddie Castelin, reviewed here, the 18mm round and 15mm radius square. I used 1/2" square mild steel barstock ~11" long. 2-1/2" was inserted and epoxied into a 9/16" hole in the handle, after rounding the corners...
  18. prim

    This is a continuation of my study on finials. This hollow form vessel is turned from end grain, fiddle back maple. It measures approximately 5.5 inches tall by 4.5 inches wide. It is finished with aniline dyes. All comments, especially critiques, are welcomed and appreciated.
  19. Carbide lathe tools

    Wanted a few carbide tools and got sticker shock when I found out they were $100+ per tool, looked into what was needed to make my own, and discovered there really wasn't that much involved. bought some square stock steel bar pulled in some juniper from the firewood pile (nice purple heartwood)...
  20. Chip carved wooden box-3

    Hand carved wooden box. Box material: linden (basswood). Technique: chip carving. Thank you for looking!
1-20 of 72 Results