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  1. Carbide tip turning tools

    303 stainless, ground, drilled and tapped to take replacement tips I get from woodcraft. They have two rear handles, the increasing slope at the top I use when holding the handle in place under my arm, the ball at the tip is a reverse hand hold when roughing.
  2. Wenge Wood Man Dish! (or woman)

    African Wenge Wood Man Dish (or woman) The man dish measures 5.5×1.4 Inches. I wanted something not to big, manly with a shine, and have enough thickness and weight that if needed, I could also use it for home defense! Turned with my home made carbide tipped tools, sanded and finished with...
  3. More carbide tip tool handles, lightsaber detailer

    Here are some more of my custom handles. Yes, my detailer is modeled after a lightsaber. It was one of my very 1st, learning from my mistakes. The square steel stock is too small which allows for vibration. It works great but limits my reach. Next one will be 1/2 303 stainless. The solid oak...
  4. My not so fancy tool handle lathe duplicator

    So I have a piece of plywood that wedges into my lathe base keeping it from moving and is perfectly flat. I then traced the design from my yellowheart and padauk handle, cut out the shape and attached it to my base. A full size cutting tool locks into the block of pine making sure the reach is...
  5. CNC Woodworking
    I have a home made CNC which has my Dewalt router attached to it. I can use 1/4" or 1/2" shanks. I make the same things, over and over and over, so my bits get a lot of repetitive use. I use two types of bits- 1- I use Freud 3/32" round nose bit for 90% of my work. Mostly straight line, 2...
  6. Marketplace Classifieds
    Lenox Carbide Tip,Tri Master Band Saw Blades Blades are Carbide Tip,Tri Master 15'x1"x.035 3T Great for wood. The Blades are Approximately 8 years old, they have been kept in dry storage in Arizona so no rust at all, they all have tip protectors on, Sold for $190.00ea will Sale for $95.00ea I...
1-6 of 6 Results