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  1. wooden skeleton car

    For each of my children's 2nd Christmas I have made them a more substantial wood project. So far I have built a rocking horse, a mini-kitchen and now for my third child I thought a car would suit him as he LOVES anything with wheels. I initially thought of building a car that he could sit in...
  2. Batmobile Bed | Custom

    This is a bed that was completed in January 2010. This batmobile is a variation of my standard car bed. I've built it several ways; raised up on a pedestal, on drawer units and with case goods. For more building pictures see my Current Projects link at or
  3. Toy 32 Ford Deuce Coupe Hot Rod

    Body is made from MDF and painted with Home Depot Oops paint and an air brush. This was my firs try at making toys with MDF. I might use up what I have but I don't know that I'll ever use it again. The dust was terrible and this stuff soaks up paint like a sponge. That said with a lot of sanding...
  4. Beech and walnut round table

    I got tired of moving this beech cookie cut around so i decided to finally do something with it. I had an excess of walnut short material so i used that for the base. Table was made as a spec piece and sold before i got any decent photos .
  5. Constructions vehicles

    This has been on my mind for months now. Ever since I saw a fellow LJ's post on the bulldozer. I have been making these smaller version of my 2×4 cars for Christmas gifts (I'll post after Saturday), and REALLY wanted to try one. I am very infatuated with this size of car, and my head is...
  6. 3 rd Place and Redemption

    The gold car is what my son made and raced in this year's derby and came in third. The red car is one he ran last year but did not place.
  7. 60's Batmobile

    Here is a 1960's Batmobile I made a long time ago.
  8. Pine wood derby cars

    Derby cars for scouts from a couple years ago. The Star Destroyer was the cub-master's car. It looked really good painted (no pics) but it looks sweet bare wood too.
  9. Two More Little Fun Cars

    These are two more little fun cars I just made. As you can tell, one for a young bopy and the other for a your granddaughter. The body is made of two pieces of 1×4 pine glued together, the wheels are 2 inch dowel stock with 3/8 dowel axles. I used buttons for hub caps. I found the pattern in a...
  10. A Suitcase Dog Car Ramp

    A Suitcase Dog Gar Ramp My niece's dog is getting a bit old and has difficulty jumping into the boot of the CRV, so she asked me if there's any way to make a ramp for him. Four hours later this is what I came up with… A Suitcase Dog Car Ramp idea that she can keep in her car or carry with her...
  11. You've got to see this! The Splinter

    A woodworker's dream. A 600-hp car made out of wood. I found this on Toolmonger website the other day. The scary thing is that they are actually building it!! They have several sponsors and I can't wait to see the final product. Check out the blog of the construction and the details of the...
  12. More Toys

    I try to do a toy build-a-thon every year for Christmas but this year has been particularly busy with new baby and hectic work schedule. We went to the lumberyard and bought a huge board of 6/4 poplar and this is what came out of it. I worked on them mostly on Thanksgiving (great excuse to hide...
  13. Volkswagen Beetle floor mats

    My father in law just traded his 1979 Beetle for a nicer 1978 Beetle. He asked me if I could help him make some wooden floor mats for it. I did some research and found some people making these things for a Kubelwagen. Some were using Teak or other exotic wood for water resistance. My father...
  14. Scroll Sawn Antique Horse Pull Toy Replica

    Hi, Everyone! It seems like a long time since I added a project to my gallery. I put them in my blog and then I forget to add them here. In any case, this is my newest design that I created. It is a replica of an antique pull toy horse. It is approximately 8" tall and is made of 1/4" and...
  15. 1920 Reo car for Christmas giveaway.

    I've been making some cars for our Toy Giveaway on the first Sat in December. Our woodworking club "The Mason Dixon Woodworkers" have a charity outreach where we give toys to around 25 different charities that they then distribute the toys to the children of disadvantaged families that they...
  16. My Most Memorable Project

    I have been working with wood off and on since I was in 7th grade back in the mid-80s but don't have very many projects I am comfortable bragging about. However, this is one of the best ones I have done both in terms of design and usage. My youngest step-son has Spina Bifida, is paralyzed from...
  17. Emergency Vehicles

    This little set was a Christmas gift for my little nephew. He has a few other cars like this, and so I thought that he might need a little emergency response ability for his growing town. :) These were alot of fun to do, and I hope to make more of them in the future.
  18. Center Consol for Bench Seat

    This is a removable center consol i made for my truck. I used oak for the edges and birch ply for everything else. dark wlanut stain and some marine varnish cause i spill drinks
  19. Timber f1 car

    This project is the biggest and most ambitious that I have ever undertaken, and to the best of my knowledge it is the only one of this type. It is a 4 metre long formula 1 themed wooden car, constructed primarily of solid wood and wood composites. The main bodywork is made using maple and...
  20. "Blur"

    If you saw my last project you would understand this one a bit more. I am hooked on the process of turning old hood ornaments into sculptural pieces…of course some of them naturally are. I call this piece "Blur" and it uses a 1959-64 Nash Rambler hood ornament. The process starts by making a...
1-20 of 179 Results