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  1. Modern Platform Queen Size Bed With Storage

    Modern platform bed with under bed slide out drawers (6). Features flush footboard for comfortable seating at the end of the bed. Mortise and tenon construction throughout. Aromatic cedar drawer boxes and bed slats.
  2. Sea Captain

    This sea captain is my first project posted on Lumberjocks. I began wood carving in January of 2019 and regret that I didn't start a whole lot earlier. I've had so much enjoyment finding characters in wood! This little captain is 6" tall and is made of bass wood. He was made as a gift for my...
  3. Captain's Bed II

    I was originally planning to do something entirely different for this bed, but my wife loves the storage space that the first one provided, so I had a chance to improve things a bit over the first attempt. This is the second captain's bed is similar to the first one with some subtle...
  4. Two-Tone Captain's Bed | Custom

    This is a captain's bed that was completed in April 2010. It has a different color scheme then I normally do. It is a medium sheen black with natural oak accents. The black on the open grain oak is one of my favorite finishes. I love the textures that it achieves. This bed needed to finish...
  5. Blogs
    Mission Dining Build #5 - Armrest Fitment Here are the steps I use to fit an armrest to the armchairs. As usual start with a mortise. Use a sanding stick that is nearly as wide as the mortise. Attach 100 grit sandpaper to only one side of the sanding stick. Use the sanding stick at a...
1-5 of 5 Results