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  1. potato and onion bin

    after being married 14 year only my wife would want something from my shop! so she wished for a potato and onion bin but she wanted a spot for garlic to so that is why the top opens.
  2. Gifts and knife trade

    The pen and pencil set were a gift for an aunt. The wood is oak. The canoe is a carving knife handle that I carved for a friend in New York. I thought outside the box on that one.
  3. Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe

    Pattern designed and cut by Kris Martinson.
  4. Building the Mattawa - a small tandem canoe

    I couldn't help myself. I had just finished building myself a basswood solo canoe and it got my girlfriend so excited that she wanted her own cedar strip canoe. We decided to build her a Mattawa which is a design by John Winters. I wrote about building it on my woodworking blog if you are...
  5. cedar and fiberglass canoe

    cedar and fiberglass done about six years ago .. 17 foot long .. took about a year , everyone should do at least one in their life
  6. Cedar Strip Canoe

    This is a cedar strip canoe that my wife built and I helped. Well, that's her story anyway ;). It took about 5 months, just weekends, 4 years ago. We get a lot of second looks when it's on top of the truck. My daughter was visiting and helped cut the planks from a single 18' clear cedar 5/4 X 8...
  7. Wood Strip Canoe

    From the moment I first saw a wood strip canoe, I knew I wanted to build one. I researched and found Bear Mountain Boat company online. (Note: There are a lot of companies to consider. I chose Bear Mountain because I really liked their online building forum that allowed me to read about a lot of...
  8. cedar strip canoe

    12.5' cedar strip. I changed a few things from the plans to make it mine. I came up with this seat design and moved it back a few inches. This allows me to sit on the bottom like a solo kayak when i am fishing. Or I can sit in the seat if i want to use the canoe as a tandem.
  9. " Sipsey " My First Cedar Strip Canoe

    I had her off the trailer this weekend while it carried my red cedar canoe to the Paint Rock River so I thought I would get some pictures. She's built by Gil Gilpatricks Puddle Duck Plan. Gil states in his book Building A Strip Canoe that he's a "big" canoe man. I respect this but at my age...
  10. Woodstrip Canoe (Prospector)

    I built this woodstripper about 12 years ago. I just discovered Lumberjocks, so be patient with me. I need to catch up on some of my projects. There were 5 of us total, so we made 5 canoes and shared the costs of the strongback (structure) and other shared materials. This is a 16 foot...
  11. Explorer 16' canoe

    I finished this canoe after finding the shell for sale locally. This is from a kit made by Waters Dancing Boat Kit Company out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. These kits are meant to be assembled using the stitch and glue method. The gentleman I bought the shell from made a strong-back and...
  12. Canoe paddles for a Scouting Adventure!

    Had a great time building paddles with some our our Boy Scouts in our Troop. I had to get a little creative with mine and add in some curves. The walnut and curly maple is my sons and the stack is all the other paddles that were built in my shop or in the past few years. 14 of us participated...
  13. Cedar Canoe

    Here is a project that I started a long time ago but it got put on hold for many reasons and excuses. Anyways each step of the project was a learning experience. I purchased the precut forms from a canoe builder. The wood strips used were cut from 18' near clear cedar 2×4s. I cut them down...
  14. Douglas Fir and Mahogany Canoe (15' Hiawatha)

    I started this project a couple of years ago and have since went back to college so it has been slow going but I am finally taking a summer off so I got it finished up just in time to launch on father's day. Hull is Douglas Fir with African mahogany gunwales, seats and thwart decks with wenge...
  15. Cedar Strip Canoe Paddles

    Finally found the time to post these up. I made these earlier this summer. I used some leftover strips from the last canoe build so they are all white cedar with the exception of a "cross" of hardwood in the center of each paddle for added strength. The hardwood cross is made from White Birch I...
  16. Yellow Birch Canoe Paddle sold at auction

    I finished this canoe paddle a couple of months ago and did a How-To Blog here, here, and here. Details of the build and a LOT more pictures, are in the blog. I gave the paddle to the local Rotary club for the silent auction at their annual wine tasting. Paddle sold for $90.00 Thanks for...
  17. all covered in glass

    Finished the outer hull fiber-glassing this weekend. Now time to remove it from the strongback & start on the inside. Some have asked about the bit used. It is a two in one bit in that it cuts the bead & the cove.
  18. 3/10 Canoe Trip

    I finally canoed the creek that borders my property. It was the trip from hell, too many logjams. The first picture is where I finished the trip, the second one was the beginning of the trip on my property. The canoe held up better than I did. But all in all it was a great 6 hours spent on...
  19. Strip Built Canoe

    Strip built cedar and ash canoe. 16ft Chestnut Special.
  20. Red Cedar Strip Canoe

    I built this canoe from storm downed red cedar and red oak milled with a chainsaw mill. She's my baby, 11' 7" in length. Easy to carry, a dream on the water. She's built from Gil Gilpatrick "puddle duck" forms from a previous build with some forms omitted and the spacing modified to achieve...
1-20 of 87 Results