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  1. Chip Carved Canister

    I had gotten this canister from Wayne Barton some time back and finally got around to completing it. This is made of basswood and I stained it with nutmeg and clear coated it with Deft satin spray lacquer.
  2. Ringmaster Canister

    My kids have been teasing me about being a Yuppie. Seems the older that I get the more gadgets I want. I just bought an I-Pod and a Kindle. I decided that I needed a place to store the power cords so that my wife would not beat me for leaving them on the counter (she doesn't really beat me)...
  3. Folded Bowl

    So, it's been a little bit since my last project posting, I hope this makes up for it. It started out as a cherry bowl that I was doing as a demo. I was so please with how it was turning out, how thin I was getting the sides and bottom. And when I went to cut it off the face plate, well I...
  4. Cherri

    This hollow form vase is turned from cherry. It measures 6 inches tall by 4 inches wide. It is finished with spray lacquer. All comments are welcomed and appreciated.
  5. Tv Shelf and Fish tank Stand

    I built this fish tank stand and TV shelf to be used in my master bedroom. I built both using some reclaimed Oak wood and Oak plywood and stained it all with red mahogany and top coated with oil based poly. I weigh 250 and the shelf can support me so no worries of the TV ending up in the tank...
  6. Mission Oak Hanging Coat Rack

    After seeing the quality of the craftsman who post here, I was a little intimidated to show one of my projects. But you all seem to be very supportive, so here goes. I was looking for something small and simple I could build to use up some of the cut-offs. (I can't throw anything away) I got...
  7. Canister Wall shelf

    Here is a wall shelf that I build for my in-laws to hold the canister set that they received for Christmas. My wife was kind enough to volunteer me for the job. I designed it to match the microwave cart that I had previously built for them. It is built with Maple and Oak along with some...
  8. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I ordered a Wynn canister filter for my yet-to-be-assembled Harbor Freight dust collector on Friday afternoon. I called the main number listed on their site and Mr. Wynn answered the phone himself. After spending a few minutes talking with him about how I work, the materials I use, etc I...
  9. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I have a Penn State Ind. DC-2 that I purchased in 1998 and I would like to replace my original bag with a canister type filter. My problem is I can't find out anything about replacement bags for the the DC-2 unit. PSI doesn't list that model or anything like it any longer. Have any of you guys...
  10. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I made a pretty decent Craigslist score today … bought a Jet DC-650A (model 708640) Dust Collector in like new condition for $50. The guy bought it when retired and was setting up a shop, then decided he really didn't like woodworking! If this DC was ever used at all, it saw only very light...
  11. Blogs
    The need for change For some reason I have had a problem lately with the bags on my dust collector (DC) coming off during use. Needless to say it made quite a mess. It seemed that I couldn't get the cloth belts that held the bags on any tighter. My first thought was to get a canister as a...
  12. Blogs
    AP400 filter upgrade! I got an exciting shipment in today - a canister filter for my Delta AP400 Shopmaster 1HP dust collector! Suction has been declining a lot these last months. The bag has been getting dirty but I just hate spending an hour blowing dust out of the thing. I'm always in a...
  13. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I was thinking about a canister filter for some time now and started a forum topic and got a few good ideas, first lew suggested car air filters, I had thought about that before but thought it my be too much trouble to do it then Paul suggested a similar idea that he did himself before… Big...
  14. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Got 20% discount and free shipping on a a Jet Dust Collector - Cainster during black friday sale. Here is the installation video.
  15. Woodworking Skill Share
    I purchased a 37 inch grizzly drum sander. Should I get a 3hp canister filter collection system or bag system?
  16. Woodworking Skill Share
    Has anyone used anything other than Anchorseal to seal the edges of logs to prevent cracking? I have heard of people using old paint, varnish, etc. but I am not sure of the results. Before giving it a try I wanted to see if anyone had been using anything other than the anchorseal.
1-16 of 16 Results