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  1. Angel candlesticks

    These angel candlesticks are turned from a piece of birch and then coated with a layer of silver lacquer. The "angel" wings are created by winding five turns of thin wire around a round object and then pinching all the turns together in the middle and securing the center with a few turns of the...
  2. Another Black Walnut Candlestick

    This is the first hollow spiral I have done with my Craftsman Router Crafter. This was made from a piece of black walnut from a 100+ year old sill log from an old house I tore down. The first photo was taken without the flash and captures the true color. The second photo taken with the flash...
  3. We produce the original New Year's candlestick on the tree

    Hello friends.Congratulations to everyone on the new 2018 year Today I want to show what candlestick for the New Year I made. Here I used two species of wood, this is oak and ash. In the end, I covered everything with oil from Festool The process of making by reference
  4. Heart Candle Holder

    A simple project made from Mountain Ash. The recesses for the candles are shallow enough for the aluminum holders to be above the wood surface and NOT potentially cause a fire hazard. Version 2 will be done with a slightly larger Forstner bit that will accommodate glass holders. The heart was...
  5. Candlestick from the apricot core

    Hi friends, For making this candlestick, I decided to use an apricot core, since it has a dark color and a very beautiful texture. At the end I covered it with oil. In my opinion it is very beautiful. Here is a link to the entire manufacturing process.
  6. A Candle Holder in Cherry

    Living in an area that's prone to power cuts, I decided to make a few Candle Holders. The design of this one was inspired by the Ceramic Insulators on the overhead power lines that supply our small row of houses. It is these insulators failing that is often the cause of the power cuts.
  7. Spiral Candlesticks

    This is my first try at a spiral any thing. These are walnut and about 10in tall. The base is 3/4×3 3/4". They are not perfect but it was a lesson in turnning. The table slopes on that end so it may look like they are not the same hight. It was alot of work but fun. I did some things out of...
  8. First turnings; candlesticks

    These are the very first things I have turned. I only used gouges on these. Still don't like the skew, yet. They are made to hold tea light candles. I can't mount a drill chuck on my lathe and my table top drill press is too wimpy to power a forstner bit that big, so I had to drill them out with...
  9. Candle Stick....but not 100% sure what the wood is!!??

    The Candle stick is about 8 1/2 inches tall, wirh a base of about 2 3/4 inches diameter. I was told that the wood is Mahogany that is "Water Marked" due to it's prior use as a bearer that a shipment of wood was sat on, but looking at it…I'm not 100% sure that it is! It turned like Mahogany...
  10. More Turning Projects

    A few more turning projects. The candle holder is Brazilian cherry (I turned it then had to figure out what is actually was). The pencil holder is colonial cypress from the 1700's that was salvaged from the bottom of a river. Really fun and easy to work with.
  11. Advent candlestick

    It is time for advent candlesticks here in Sweden and I wanted to make a natural wood candlestick on my own. I took a board of lightly spalted birch and drew a design based on two circular arcs with slightly different radii. Then it was just a lot of drilling and routing to make place for the...
  12. A Candlestick in Oak & Cherry with a Mahogany Base

    This project, or at least the Mahogany Base, started out to be a small "Side Table" for my Brother. After speaking with him it turned out that he needs something MUCH bigger than I am geared up to make, so I was left with this Base of about 4 3/4 inches diameter. A few days before, I had been...
  13. Advent candlestick

    It is the time of the year when there is only light for a short time during the day. Here in southern Sweden we get around six hours daylight per day in December. Everyone, I think, is looking forward to winter solstice December 22:nd when the days slowly start to become longer again. To...
  14. Spalted birch candlestick

    This candlestick for tealights was a christmas gift for my mother. It was made on the bandsaw from a piece of spalted birch that I saved in the attic for some years now. The piece was treated with a white pigmented hard wax oil (Osmo) to keep it from turning yellowish.
  15. Turned Olivewood Candle Holder

    So, the sled that I built for my bandsaw made it easy to mill some lumber out of logs, including a big chunk of olive. The main pieces were quite wet, but some of the offcuts were from limbs that were dead on the main log long before the tree was felled. One of those offcuts was large enough...
  16. First finished turning. Simple candlestick.

    Now that I have my lathe. This is the first turning project I've completed. I'm also working on an Australian Myrtle Burl flower vase that's about 3.5" tall but that's for another day. The shaft is maple and the base is cherry. I sanded it from 120 grit up to 600 then burnished it with wood...
  17. Walnut Candlestick

    This is a walnut candlestick I turned several years ago. It is inspired by the frosted glass tea light holder my wife already had. The base is made from a piece of walnut burl I found in the trash pile behind a local trophy shop. It is about 12 inches high and finished with Tried & True and wax.
  18. Makore Hogscraper Candlestick

    This is a candlestick I turned from makore. Makore is sometimes called African Cherry. Is is ok to turn but it is kind of soft like butternut. I learned a lesson while turning it. I am hypersensitive to the dust from it and darn near choked to death. It took a good 15 minutes to get my breath...
  19. candlestick

    candlestick made of wood cuts "Sapelli" easy project
  20. Turning for the holidays

    Candlestick, reclaimed maple. Happy Holidays!
1-20 of 42 Results