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  1. scrap bin candle holders

    This is my first post and an afterwork relaxation project…it will find its way to the livingroom as soon as it gets a few coats of poly to make it shine.
  2. Oak & Pine Cone Cross

    I saw one of these once a while ago and decided to make one. I had some oak scraps laying around on my wood shelf. I routed out the channel so the top part slides open. Inside there is room for two small candles, and a small bottle of holy water . I believe it is for a "Last Rites Ceremony" ! I...
  3. DIY Wood Candle Holder

    I think every woodworker has a pile of leftover scrap wood from other projects. Typically, I don't throw away small wood pieces and try to use them on small wood projects. I've made these DIY Wooden Candle Holders from my scrap wood pile. If you love candles this might be a perfect project for...
  4. Tealight Candle Holder

    This is a simple and inexpensive Tealight Candle Holder that can be completed in about an hour's worth of time. It's made from Red Cumaru, also known as Brazilian Teak. I purchased a 16-pack of tealight candles at the dollar store and used a 1-3/8" Forstner bit for a perfect fit. Click here...
  5. table centerpiece

    I had some thick maple left over from a run I made to the lumbermill a couple years ago I cut for the ends, and the walnut plank left from a tree I had taken down from the yard 2 years ago, I split the wood with a guy for cutting it up. I bought a bunch of shot glasses at the dollar store for a...
  6. Misc Stuff that I have done in the past

    Just a few of my other projects from the past. Candle holders made from mahogony, and some made with ash / purple heart. A dragon plaque A rocking horse. Ink Pens A desktop charging valet A wooden portrait, started as a small wallet photo, and the completed portrait was 8×10
  7. Candle Center Piece

    The inspiration for this centerpiece was from Woodsmith magazine Vol. 29/No.173. Unlike the split version in the magazine I decided to try an inlay design. The woods are maple and walnut. I used linseed oil for the finish. I didn't want to use shellac or anything that would be affected by...
  8. Cross Fretwork Candleholder Religious

    Forgot to add this one as well. Also made of Walnut. Its another one from Sheila Landry. Here is another candleholder. I'm having fun making these. I'm also having fun with putting my own touches on the end result. Its made of Walnut. I glued jewerly making pearls in the holes around the...
  9. Yuletime Pyramid

    One of the items that my wife and I use each year at Yule is a candle powered Pyramid (also sometimes referred to as a Whirligig). These are more commonly seen in Europe, and come in a wide variety of themes and sizes. I built this one about 30 years ago, based on an article in Family Circle...
  10. Busy elves in the mancave

    A few projects that my elves and I have completed, just in time for Christmas! Merry Christmas to all the LJ's out there…...and a safe and healthy new year! Prez
  11. Blogs
    A Visit to the Sawyer Tim Marko pointed me toward a local sawyer so I could get more hardwood for less money, and boy, did he send me to the right guy! Fritz Hannaman lives about 10 miles from my house, out on a little country road outside of Mansfield, Texas. I picked up all the wood you...
  12. Hand Tools
    Can anyone tell me anything about this saw. It is a Disston Canada K-14. I looked around the Disston Institute website and didn't see anything about it. The only picture I have of it is this tiny one I found online: I picked it up for a dollar today.
1-12 of 12 Results