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  1. Woodturned tealight candle holder

    I turned this Tealight Candle Holder from a piece of Spalted Horse Chestnut.
  2. Dovetail and Carved Candle Box

    So I made a box for my wife a while back and everyone kept asking how I made it so I thought I would make a second one slightly differently and show what all went into making this small Dovetailed Candle Box. Here is the full Build video on this box!
  3. First Candle Thingy

    A friend of mine just bought her first house. I told her I would make her a small gift. Hopefully she likes these candle holders. The ends are made of Padauk, and the main boards are Bocote. It was a fairly simple project, but I was hoping to make something that would work with almost any...
  4. Candle Holders

    Here are a couple of candle holders that were made from some old oak boards that were almost used for firewood. Not too fancy, but functional.
  5. Candle holder

    Disregard this pic. I uploaded a newer one that is upright.
  6. Candle curved centerpiece

    This solid African mahogany curved candle centerpiece is great for the mantle or dining room table. With three votive candles In the middle with clear and amber glass beads to accent them. Switch out the candles and place a larger one i the middle
  7. Custom candle holder

    Disregard this pic. I uploaded a newer one that is upright.
  8. small candle holder

    Sorry, I forgot to take a final picture of this before I gave it away. Just a small votive candle holder made from oak I cut.
  9. Greenwood candle stick holder

    Made this out of some random green wood I found. Sealed it with a golden oak stain. I dried it in the microwave, multiple 30 second intervals. It worked out pretty well.
  10. Goblet candle stick holder

    Made this out of an old fence post - at least 40 years old.
  11. Wedding center pieces

    My daughter is getting married in September and she wanted to use pillar candles for her center pieces on each of the tables at the reception. Those are not cheap. So I made 21 sets of 3 pillars of approx 8, 6, and 4 inch pieces in each set. She and other family members made all the paper...
  12. Just another candle holder

    I had a request for a candle holder with no oil, finish or stain. It is also the first time I used my jaw chuck on my lathe. Anyone know what kind of wood this is? I forgot to check :/ I love the grain though.
  13. Holly Candle Tray Holder

    This Candle Holder Tray is the sixth in my series of seasonal Candle Tray and Charms Sets. I decided to do a 'negative' type of scroll saw design, where the design is removed from the wood rather than left behind. This allows you make a very intricate piece without worrying too much about...
  14. Natural edge candle holder save

    I took a log cutoff that was cracked pretty good and was making a natural edge candle holder when a section of the bark flew off. I wasn't worried about the visible cracks as they would be covered by a candle. I started to throw it away but laid it on the table instead. I went on to something...
  15. Candle Holders

    I used the plan found in a Wood magazine from months past. I had maple scraps lying around. The wenge I had to purchase. A store near me had quarter inch thick wenge on the shelf, so that saved me some time. These were used for a grab bag christmas gift exchange at my work. Thanks for looking.
  16. sycamore candle peice

    managed to pinch a lovely piece of sycamore log from a tree surgery company I worked for and thought I'd have a go at a candle piece. lots of planing and sanding and about half a bottle of danish oil later and voila! I lit some candles and sunk a beer to celebrate :)
  17. Arched Candle Holder

    Here is a maple candle holder I made this past weekend featuring arched cherry legs and highlight stripe. Five shallow recesses were cut with a 2.125" Forstner bit to hold tea candle glasses. Overall size is 18.75"w x 4"d x 4"h. Finished with a couple coats of satin poly. The cherry should...
  18. Last one I swear!!!... probably.

    Some more crud wood from Lowe's. Based on the other's comments it may be some kind of pine??? This is the first piece I used my drill bit tailstock with. That thing is so cool… I used an oil finish to see what it would look like. Oh, and that is probably the only time I'll light a candle in...
  19. some more carvings

    a bison carving relief carving in white pine, finished dimension is 5 1/2"x 7" the other one is a tea light holder made of a fir 2×4, the first useful carving project ive done, besides spoons. Thanks for looking Mark
  20. Square Turned Walnut Candle Holder

    Turned a Square Candle holder from Walnut. Thank you Gary for the inspiration to get this done. Your square ashtray is awsome! Started with a piece of Walnut 6×6 x 8/4. (got this from the Squirts stash, ssshhhhhh!!!!) Really, she told me I could have it… long as I made HER something with...
1-20 of 238 Results