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  1. Log Cabin Rustic Juniper Candle Holder

    This votive candle holder is made out of 100% juniper. I don't believe I have seen coloring such as this with the dead juniper, I really love the way the wood grain really shows. This is one of my favorite pieces, not so much from the shape, but from the coloring. It measures, 19" L 6"T 13"W...
  2. Japanese Inspired Tea Light Candle Holder

    Japanese Inspired Tea Light Candle Holder Made from a combination of some IPE deck wood and Swedish Pine and finished with BLO. Dimensions: 45cm long by 12cm width by 8cm height. Since I was on it I made 3 of those to give as gifts… The Design is not mine I saw the image on google. Hope you...
  3. Tea lights - some more

    Some more tea lights made of one near future project's scraps (apple, mahogany, beech), finish aromatic wood oil. They will be perfect addition to other Christmas gifts.
  4. candle holder simple gift idea

    size is 12 in. long by 2 1/2 to 3 inches depending on what i had for scrap thanks goes out to closetguy for the idea. i got a 12 pack of candles at wallmart for about 6 dollars i don't have a forstner bit this size so i used a hole saw 1 3/4 and sanded as needed for fit beveled the sides at...
  5. Candle holder for Mom

    Went through the LJ site and got some inspiration for this. Used some scraps in the shop and knocked this out the day before Christmas for a little something extra for Mom. The log portion was from a neighbor who had some trees fall on his house last winter and I picked some cherry tree limbs...
  6. Candle Holder

    This is my first attempt at a candle holder. Made with black walnut and curly maple. Finished with an oil/varnish blend, topped with shellac and rubbed out with steel wool. I found some pretty good figure in the piece of walnut and thought this would be a great way to highlight it.
  7. Tenebrae Hearse and table

    Another project I did for my church. A Tenebrae Hearse and table.
  8. Some of my turnings

    The bowls are made from: Cocobolo, Maple, and Cotton Wood. The pens are made from Cotton Wood, Tamboti, Black & White Ebony, and Pink Ivory. The candle holders are made from Yellowheart, and Purpleheart.
  9. Bird's Mouth Votive Candle Holder

    My wife asked for a homemade votive candle holder for the holidays. Searching online, I found that the general design concept is a board with holes in a straight line. Since the desired design is for a holiday centerpiece on a table, I chose an octagon shape. We think it turned out very nice! My...
  10. Tea Light Candle Holders

    Quick and easy tea light candle holders. Make great gifts.
  11. A Candle Holder in Cherry

    Living in an area that's prone to power cuts, I decided to make a few Candle Holders. The design of this one was inspired by the Ceramic Insulators on the overhead power lines that supply our small row of houses. It is these insulators failing that is often the cause of the power cuts.
  12. Candle Holder

    This was a super quick and fun project that I made from scrap materials. I designed it to fit tapered glass candles that are readily available from online or your local big box store. More Info:
  13. Chanukah Menorah

    I made a few of these for my family out of purpleheart and my wife asked me, "Where's ours?" So - this is ours. The wood is chechen. Not the easiest to work with, but I think it's well worth the time. It's a very hard, heavy wood and finishes to a wonderful dark brown. The design isn't...
  14. Christmas Snowflake Tealights

    I am going to my sisters place this Saturday for an early family Christmas dinner. I decided to make a center piece for the table. I got these patterns from Sheila Landry Designs, thanks Sheila. Pic 1 - The completed snowflakes. Pic 2 - Resawing some scrap wood to 1/8". Pic 3 - Starting to cut...
  15. Yankee Candle holder from Dunnage

    Trying to kill off the bowl blanks from Christmas…Deb was throwing away some old Yankee candles… They're all the same diameter jar so as I was taking them to the shop (for the wax of course) I thought….why not. More dunnage (Indian dontknow) sanded to 320 with a single coat of 2# shellac buffed...
  16. Juniper Log Candle Holder with Wood Burned Scroll Work

    I have been playing around with wood burning and actually have only one tip. So this was a test on patience, it didn't come out as sharp as I would have hoped, but I am sure I can do better when I order new tips for my wood burner. I did enjoy working on this piece, but was also glad when it was...
  17. Candles On A Curve

    These votive candle holders are from a design published in the Wood Magazine November 2002 issue. The original design was five candles, but my wife and I like it better in a three-candle version. The first photo is one I made for my wife. The piers, bases and candle rests are walnut; the...
  18. Wine Barrel Stave Candle Holder

    Forgive me for a lengthy description of what many of you can do with your eyes closed. It's my first real wood working project since I took a shop class in 6th grade. See, I like to wine taste and I frequently see things for sale at wineries that people have crafted out of wine barrels. It...
  19. The Silent Projects

    About a month ago now, my wife and I welcomed home our new house-guest. We locked him into a sweetheart 18-yr lease: food, clothes and roof provided free-of-charge & taxi service included. He's just sticking around for eighteen years, at which point, if we did our job right, he'll move out for...
  20. Aspen candle holders

    Made from an Aspen tree in my side yard that was dying. After cutting down tree allowed pieces to cure in wood chips with pentacryl to avoid cracking. Under the bark were marks from an insect, I liked how they looked with the bark removed. lightly sanded and finished w/ clear coat. Same tree...
41-60 of 286 Results