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  1. It was a very LumberJocks Christmas!

    Lots of handmade gifts this year and LumberJocks inspired all of them! Picture 1 is a composite of all of them Picture 2 is of the cutting board my youngest son (19) made for his GF. It is made with cherry, a couple different oaks, mahgoany and walnut. The technique is outlined in my blog post...
  2. Spalted maple candle holder

    Rescued a chunk of spalted maple from my parents firewood pile. This is the first turning from that log.
  3. votive stand

    This a votive holder I made from laminated wood and is a project that has a story too it. My grandson came over one Saturday morning proclaiming that the candle holder in their bathroom ,that I had made earlier had burned down and we should make a new one . At first I was shocked but soon...
  4. Tea Light Candle Fireplace Display Box

    Charming and whimsical tea light candle holder in stone fireplace. The display is made of alder and finished with multiple applications of a polyurethane varnish/boiled linseed oil mixture. Dimensions of display box: 10 1/4" wide, 5 3/4" deep, 6" high My wife and I both love cozy settings such...
  5. Candle Holder

    Laura Cut this candle holder today and is going to make the second one to match. Thought I would show it off tonight. This piece is cut out of Walnut, light and dark and 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" by 5 1/2" tall. She cut it with her scrollsaw. Cool Piece Laure my partner in crime lol.
  6. ?Ambrosia Maple? Tealight holders

    So, I busted some pallets apart and started planing the boards down. I found one board, that folks on here, called ambrosia maple. I didn't have enough to make anything significant, so I tried my hand a some small items. I think I prefer making larger items, it is easier to hide the...
  7. Candle Holder

    I saw a couple of candle holders on the site and wanted to give it a shot. These will make great Christmas gifts for friends and family. I just took the basic design and went with my own dimensions. The top is red oak split with a strip of Padouk. (sp)? Twelve inches long a shade over 5...
  8. Advent wreath

    I resawed some smaller apple log and decided to do something with end waste scraps. My wife wanted to decorate some advent wreath for Christmas table so I came up with this. I partialy sanded log's bark and joined two pieces with 8mm dovels, finished with wood oil. I made 50mm holes with router...
  9. Candle Holder

    I made this candle holder a few years ago in high school. The body is made out of red oak and the feet are mahogany. I saw the character this piece of "scrap wood" had with the worm holes and burr grain, and I think that's why I like it so much. Critiques welcome… thanks for looking.
  10. For mom.

    Just a quick candle holder made out of maple and walnut. Finished with Mohawk dark brown paste wax.
  11. Candle holder

    Hi everyone this is my first project posting, I figured I've stayed silent long enough. Just a simple mission candle holder. Made with QSWO , ammonia fumed, Watco natural oil, then dark brown wax. The metal is made from copper pipe caps i annealed then hammered to give it a hand made look.
  12. Tea candle holders

    Made from plum, birch and oak
  13. Keeper of the flame

    This tea light holder started as an experiment with the "string theory" design using a jigsaw (before I had my bandsaw). I wanted to see if I could do it, and it worked! After the second glue-up, I saw what could be a flame in the pattern, so I resawed the piece, then used Rit dyes in black...
  14. Candle Holder

    I made this candle holder from some scrape walnut. Hope you like it.
  15. Christmas gifts- boxes & candle holders

    Here are just about half of the gifts I made for Christmas presents this year. I originally got an early start but ended up slacking so I really had to bust ass towards the end. I started building these boxes and candle holders two days before Christmas. I was up until about 2:30am on Thursday...
  16. Votive Bridge

    Votive holder inspired by Japanese Bridges. Made of Mahogany and finished in Danish oil. Size - approx. 19"W x 3" H (w/o candle) x 4" D
  17. Tea light candle holders

    After making a bunch of seats of Cornhole boards, I had a ton of the cutouts from the holes. Being a scavenger, I always hold on to stuff like that, but in this case I had no real plans for them. At the beginning of the school year, we always design small individual projects using scrap wood...
  18. Bent Lamination Candle Holders

    This is a bent lamination between cherry and construction grade 2×4. I cut the spots for the candles on the drill press with a forstner bit by clamping the workpieces down with the cutoffs from the lamination. If I were to make these again, I think I would make some type of template to follow...
  19. First Turning- Candle Holder

    Today I was messing around on our new old lathe….so far this is my first turning, and I think it turned out ok. It is 6 inches tall made from olivewood. After messing around on it this afternoon, I am hooked on turning! Thanks for looking!
  20. Beginning Woodturning, Mushroom from firewood

    Playing with the new Lathe and some firewood video here:
21-40 of 286 Results