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  1. Alice wonderland cutting boards and some stripes

    The 2 large boards are built with cherry, walnut and purple heart We built these a few months ago, but was not happy just the mineral oil finish, it made the purple heart really brown really close to the walnut )-: I finally decided to try Watco butcher block finish, it actually builds a...
  2. Lacewood rocking chair

    I already have this chair in my projects, but I did't have totally finished pictures yet. So here they are finished pictures setup in my "studio " lol Customer picked up his chair last week and was very happy, I think he strapped the chair down better then his own kid, J/k kid was safe of course.
  3. Sam maloof inspired outdoor cedar pedstool table

    This table was built using 2'' eastern white cedar, staing with japanese maple and jacobean to match the customers chairs, the chairs in the picture are mine and do not reflect to same colour. I used 2 3'' screws at all the end grain joints, with tite bond 3 glues used at all joints. I used...
  4. Inspired coffee table

    This is is coffee table built from 6/4 Canadian Cherry, I designed it after seeing one on here but with a more alien look where I think this one has a more organic look. I built a Sam Maloof pedestal table from a set of templaters and article from Wood magazine. I then quickly decided " hey I...
  5. Cherry Simple Rocker

    This is a Cherry Simple Rocker designed by Scott Morrison Good design and very straight forward to build Features: Flexiable grain matched back braces Hand sculpted seat Ebony accent plugs The changes I made was to use 3 screws in the head rest and we left a reveal on the front and back of...
  6. Blogs
    Day number one - Do a bunch of work! So i've been building the Sam Maloof, Hal Taylor inspired rocking chair to the point that about all I do is build these chairs and I love it! I've decided to market them locally as well as on the internet, so far i've done small, medium and large in soft...
1-6 of 6 Results