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  1. Kitchen Hutch Base Cabinet

    Just a simple Base Cabinet made with 4 large drawers. My wife wanted drawers instead of cabinet doors with shelves. So it just a basic unit. ready for hardware and paint. Finished it off yesterday. Since I had a weekend with no other honey do's required lol.. I use the top off another cabinet...

    love the game .. thank dear friend Dan Wiggins on the photograph you sent me, on the basis of which I did my marquetry work
  3. Box Elder wood

    I acquired some Box Elder wood and have been playing with it. Some is more colorful than other pieces, but it is a fun wood wo work with. Both these bowls are about 5" in diameter. The first is finished with Danish oil and wax, the second, shallower dish is finished with wax only. If anyone...
  4. Bowls with rings

    Bowl 1 Tasmanian Blackwood 2 Camphour Laurel 3 Tasmanian Jarrah Started putting rings on when I found out that the experienced guys at the local Wood Turning Club hadn't done them.
  5. -scrap bin challenge- burn box to Bluenose

    Here is my latest project - A scale model of the famous Canadian schooner Bluenose. Its the same ship as on a Canadian 10 cent coin. Made to scale with no plans or help, just a lot of google to find sizes etc. Made almost totally from scrap wood and other things around the house. The hull is...
  6. Oh Canada

    Another "rescue wood" project … a friend asked if I had any use for an old cutting board she was about to throw out. It was a nice, large, thick, end-grain maple block. So with a respectful hat-tip to its early life as one of Canada's National trees, along with a little slicing & dicing … and a...
  7. Canadian Coin Paperweight

    This is an oak paperweight I made a while back. I just liked the coin with an elk or buck deer on it, so I counter sunk it into a nice piece of oak I had laying about just waiting to be made into something.
  8. Double rocking chair - Lacewood & Walnut

    This sculpted rocking chair is built from 2'' quarter-sawn Brazilian Lacewood and Canadian Black Walnut accented with Ebony plugs. For this chair we laminated walnut to the top and underside of the solid lacewood seat. When hand craved on the top the lacewood gets exposed to reveal it's...
  9. Canada Flag Cutting Board

    I was asked last year to make a '''flag '' cutting/serving board. This was to be a gift to some sensible people who winter in Mexico, to remind them of Home. I wanted to keep all the material from Canada, so after some searching I was able to find some Maple that had a great red coulor to it. So...
  10. Japanese Lamp

    I made this lamp for my wife. The plans were on the Internet, Materials used: pine, rice paper, lamp kit.
  11. Bruiser

    h-8.5",hand made,old basswood,(26.03.2012)
  12. Coffee Table

    This is a coffee table I designed to replace our very worn out old one. With three young kids in the house it had to be very strong and stable, but also attractive. For a finish I used Sam Maloofs recipe. I'll see how it stands up to three active kids.
  13. Newel Post frog top cap

    I had a contractor that wanted a 7" x 7"carved frog for the top of a newel post. My first question was what kind of wood, hickory, and then how will it be attached? Ouch, hickory! I have never carved hickory but I had a pretty good idea that this was going to be a challenge. A challenge wasn't...
  14. Halyard Bench

    Constructed of Ash, Wenge, and Halyard Rope, the Halyard Bench is one of my latest designs that was submitted for a design competition in Hokkaido, Japan. I built this bench over the course of 4 weeks, and shipped it off to Japan where it was exhibited for several months. There were some...
  15. Grey Jay

    This is a Grey Jay, also called a Whisky Jack. It is 12 inches from beak to tail, basswood and acrylic paints. Carved for a Canadian… Claude
  16. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I am looking into getting a Grizzly planer and maybe a jointer as well, I know they make good tools and they are reasonably priced, just one problem; I am a resident of Canada, I have a few questions and hopefully someone can help me out. Does Grizzly ship to Canada? If they do has anyone here...
  17. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I learned today that Grizzly tools could be obtained in Canada through Busy Bee, while very happy and prepared to purchase an 8" jointer I phoned Busy Bee but unfortunately I was told that they had been handed a stop order. They told me that Grizzly's equipment isn't CSA approved thus it cannot...
  18. CNC Woodworking
    Good afternoon. I have found some CNC plans for an adirondack beach chair that I would like built (2 to 4 chairs). If there is anyone located in Montreal or Toronto, or in between, that would be interested in this small job, please let me know. The plans can be seen at this Etsy listing...
  19. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    This is something which has been on my mind for quite a long time and I haven't found any other blogs or similar discussion forums about this so I figured I would start it myself. As a new woodworker, one of the things I have been working hard at for the past year or so is properly setting up...
  20. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Hey guys, I was just wondering does anyone here own any King Canada tools. I recently visited a custom trim and moulding shop that used King Canada exclusively; planers, bandsaw, tablesaw, chopsaw etc. The boys working there said they wouldn't buy anything else, especially seeing the prices. I...
1-20 of 42 Results